On May 1, 2024, MGID hosted a webinar alongside MaxWeb and Xevio called "Revolutionizing Affiliate Education with MGID, MaxWeb and Xevio." Company representatives — Alex Chaban, Head of Sales at MGID, Anna Gita, CEO of MaxWeb and Andrey Kravchenko, Head of Business Development at Xevio — discussed how to boost offers, attract top-notch traffic and tap into the psychology of sales. Read on for our recap of the webinar's main points and gain valuable insights.

MGID: AI Features for Your Creative Journey

MGID’s Head of Sales Alex Chaban dove deep into AI and how it's shaking up the advertising game. He reviewed how AI has evolved over time and the benefits it brings. Plus, he shared how MGID is powering up its advertising strategies with AI.

Navigating the AI Evolution

Generative AI is revolutionizing how we approach creative tasks, providing tools that complement and enhance human ingenuity. It improves the quality of ideas and helps bring them to life in ways previously unimaginable. As AI evolves, the art it produces is becoming increasingly indistinguishable from that created by human hands.

What Generative AI Features You Can Access in MGID Ads

At MGID, we harness the power of generative AI to streamline and elevate your advertising efforts. Our platform offers several cutting-edge AI features designed to enhance your creative process.

AI-Generated Headlines and Descriptions

We provide two methods for generating compelling headlines and descriptions:

  • URL-based generation: Simply input your website address, choose your target audience and language, and our system will analyze your site content to generate a list of optimized ad headlines and descriptions.
  • Prompt-based generation: Enter your own prompt or select from a variety of template prompts, then choose the desired audience and language. The system will create customized headlines and descriptions tailored to your inputs.

AI-Generated Images

Our image generation features also come in two formats:

  • Prompt-based generation: Add your own prompts or select from a curated list for inspiration. You can further refine your images using dropdown lists for emotions, angles, lighting and styles to achieve unique and engaging visuals.

  • Image-to-image generator: Upload an image as a reference and generate alternative versions by altering style, colors, clothing, background and other elements.

Benefits of Using AI-Generated Creatives

Integrating AI-generated creatives into your advertising strategy offers numerous advantages.

  • Unique images: AI ensures that every image is distinctive, helping your ads stand out in a crowded market.
  • Legal security: Using AI-generated content reduces the risk of copyright issues, as the images and text are original creations.
  • High quality: AI tools are capable of producing high-quality content that meets professional standards, enhancing the overall impact of your campaigns.

MGID is committed to continuously improving the user experience by integrating advanced AI technologies into its platform. The company is always ready to collaborate with new partners, driving mutual success and innovation. Join MGID in leveraging the power of AI to transform the creative landscape.

MaxWeb: VSLs and Effective Marketing Strategies

Anna Gita from MaxWeb took things further with more tips on using AI to boost ad campaigns. She shared some top strategies for getting the most out of MaxWeb's offers, focusing especially on video sales letters (VSLs) and how to market them better with presell pages made just for VSLs.

What is a VSL?

A video sales letter (VSL) is a marketing tool designed to capture and convert an audience through compelling storytelling and engaging visuals. VSLs rely on persuasive narratives to communicate the benefits of a product or service, making them highly effective for targeted audiences. When executed well, VSLs resonate deeply with viewers, driving conversions by addressing specific pain points and needs. However, they are less effective for non-targeted audiences, highlighting the importance of precise targeting in VSL campaigns.

What Are Presells and Why Are They Needed?

Presells are intermediary pages designed to warm up potential customers before they reach the main sales page. These pages are crucial because they prepare the audience, making them more receptive to the VSL’s message. Top presell options always feature a captivating headline and a strong call to action (CTA), guiding the viewer towards the desired action. Effective presells build anticipation and context, enhancing the overall impact of the VSL.

Effective Native Advertising

Native advertising goes beyond ad placement; it involves creating content that seamlessly integrates with the platform and resonates with the audience. For native advertising to be effective, the content must include:

  • Great title: An engaging headline that grabs attention;
  • Compelling visuals: High-quality images or videos that attract and retain interest;
  • Strong CTA: A clear and persuasive call to action that encourages immediate response.

To enhance native advertising, personalization is key. This involves:

  • In-depth research: Understanding the behavior and interests of your audience beyond basic demographics like age and profession;
  • Focused storytelling: Crafting narratives that evoke emotional responses, creating a sense of connection and trust with the audience;
  • Interactive elements: Incorporating polls, games, quizzes and other interactive features to engage users actively.

How to Use AI for Native Advertising

AI technologies can significantly enhance native advertising through various applications:

  • Predictive analytics: Leveraging data to anticipate audience behavior and optimize campaign strategies;
  • Automatic bidding: Using algorithms to manage ad bids in real-time, ensuring cost-efficiency and maximizing reach;
  • Personalization: Delivering highly customized content tailored to individual user preferences and behaviors;
  • Content creation: Generating high-quality content, including headlines, descriptions and visuals, through AI-powered tools;
  • Fraud detection: Identifying and mitigating fraudulent activities to protect campaign integrity and budget.

By integrating these AI capabilities, marketers can create more effective and efficient native advertising campaigns, driving higher engagement and conversion rates.

Xevio: Psychology of Conversions

In the final part of the webinar, Andrey Kravchenko from Xevio wrapped things up by diving into the psychology of sales. He connected the dots by discussing how the aspects outlined by previous speakers influence sales strategies. Andrey explained the importance of multi-level research and shared insights on what makes sales funnels effective.

The Importance of Research

In today's competitive landscape, relying solely on automated tools and copying successful cases is not enough. While automation tools can handle many tasks, including design, the key to success lies in conducting thorough and independent research.

  1. Initial research: Use spy tools to gather ideas and inspiration. These tools can help you get started, but they are not the end point.
  2. Generic research: Dive deeper into the specifics of the markets you are targeting. Understand the pain points of your audience, identify the optimal times to launch your offers and study big publishers for inspiration without copying them. Look at what, how and when they post, and how they engage with their audience.
  3. Profound research: Consult with an account manager who has access to comprehensive data, including expenses, KPI ranges and platform information. Account managers can provide valuable insights, including seasonal trends and events, giving you a competitive edge.

How to Sell to Different Audiences

Effectively selling to diverse audiences requires tailored approaches. Advertorials allow for a more detailed discussion of problems and solutions. A good advertorial should include a compelling headline, engaging visuals and a strong call to action. It must resonate with the audience by addressing their pain points and offering a clear solution.

The Problem-Agitation-Solution (PAS) framework is crucial for immersing prospects in a problem situation before presenting a solution. The effectiveness of PAS depends on whether prospects recognize and accept the problem as described. The key to achieving this is to ask "why" in a manner that leads prospects to acknowledge the problem on their own, without feeling defensive.

Native Hub: Unlocking Success in Native Advertising

Andrey Kravchenko concluded his talk with a story about Native Hub. He and his colleagues created this training platform to cover all aspects of native advertising, drawing from their extensive experience. The Native Hub is the first education platform just for native ads, using proprietary data to gather all important information in one place. It connects performance marketing pros with experts to help everyone succeed in native advertising.

  1. Comprehensive learning resources: The Native Hub features extensive resources, including a section on how to navigate the new MGID dashboard. It offers video masterclasses, community boards with valuable insights and weekly group consulting sessions led by experienced media buyers and former native ads traffic source employees.
  2. Practical guidance: From setting up campaigns and creating high-converting content to bidding and optimization strategies, Native Hub covers it all. It provides practical, hands-on guidance to help you achieve your marketing goals.


So, follow these key steps to ensure your success.

  • Find your ideal vertical: Utilize automation tools for initial research, consult with your account manager, and conduct in-depth research on the countries you are targeting. Understanding the local market and audience is crucial.
  • Build PAS funnels: This approach is proven to work effectively with native advertising. By immersing prospects in a problem situation before offering a solution, you can create more compelling and persuasive campaigns.
  • Plan for the long haul: Continuously develop your skills, learn new approaches and experiment with different strategies. A long-term commitment to growth and innovation is essential for scaling your sales process effectively.

By following these tips and using the insights from the webinar, you can improve your strategies and achieve more success in your marketing efforts.


This article recaps the key points from the webinar, covering strategies for optimizing offers, using AI and understanding the psychology behind successful sales funnels. But this summary only gives you a glimpse. To get all the insights, examples and practical tips our speakers shared, you should watch the full webinar recording. You'll gain a deeper understanding of the concepts and see the valuable experiences and expertise of our speakers. Don't miss out — watch the webinar to unlock the full potential of these strategies.