Introducing the postback template feature in our MGID Ads dashboard, this feature is designed to simplify and enhance the user experience. With this functionality, users can select their preferred platform from a list, and the system will automatically populate all necessary data. This eliminates the need for manual entry, saving time and reducing the potential for errors. In the following sections, we will delve deeper into the numerous benefits this feature offers, ensuring you can maximize its potential for your campaigns.

What is Postback?

A postback is a server-to-server communication method used to track user actions, such as conversions, clicks or sales. When a specific action occurs, a postback URL is triggered, sending data back to the advertiser or affiliate network. This data allows them to accurately measure the performance of their campaigns, ensuring precise tracking and optimization of ad strategies.

MGID's Postback Templates: What Are the Benefits?

MGID's postback template feature, already available in the MGID Ads dashboard, streamlines the setup process for tracking user actions and conversions in advertising campaigns. To implement postback tracking, you need to identify the following data: the parameter to transfer the click ID from MGID to the external system and the macro the external system uses to pass data about click_id and revenue back to MGID.

Our postback templates automatically fill in this data for you, eliminating the need to manually search and input this information from external documentation or the tool itself. This not only saves time but also reduces the potential for errors. Additionally, our templates pre-fill the names of the conversion goals to further expedite the setup process. However, we ensure flexibility by allowing users to edit these details if needed, providing a perfect balance of convenience and control.

Postback Templates in Practice: Voluum

Now, let’s look at an example of a postback template with Voluum.

1 When creating or editing a campaign, choose the tracking postback method and select Voluum.

2 The template automatically fills out the conversion goal names. Although, if desired, you have the flexibility to edit them and remove any unnecessary conversion steps, tailoring the setup to your specific needs.

3 The parameter to which the click ID is passed is automatically filled in, ensuring that your tracking is precise and error-free.

4 Once you click Get Postback URL, the generated link will include the correct macros. You don’t need to make any edits to the link; simply copy and paste it into Voluum.

So, by using this postback template feature, the system automatically fills in all the necessary parameters, streamlining the setup process and ensuring accuracy. This functionality not only saves time but also reduces the potential for errors, allowing you to focus on optimizing your campaigns and achieving better results.

Which Platforms are Available for Templates

We continuously add new platforms to our postback templates, enabling users to integrate two systems seamlessly with just a couple of clicks. We are committed to expanding our list of supported platforms and are always open to cooperation and new partnerships. This collaboration ensures a smoother user experience, drives greater efficiency and enhances the visibility and effectiveness of all parties involved.

MGID: Committed to Excellence and Collaboration

At MGID, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of innovation and user satisfaction. Our dedication to continuously improving the user experience is reflected in our postback template feature, which simplifies and enhances campaign tracking. One of the standout aspects of this feature is its flexibility — we can add templates based on our client's request without needing approval from the side platform. If a client comes to MGID and mentions the tracker they use, we can seamlessly integrate that tracker into our system.

We are always ready to collaborate with new partners and explore opportunities that drive mutual success. By working together, we can create more efficient, user-friendly solutions that benefit everyone involved. Join us in our commitment to excellence and let's achieve great things together.