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5 min read
Motion vs. Static Ads: How Animation Can Boost Your Campaign...

While static ads have been the go-to ad format for over a decade, there seems to be growing in...

4 min read
Creative Approaches for Banners and Native Ads: Here's How T...

While banners are like billboards, native ads tend to be more text-heavy and interest-provokin...

3 min read
Creative Trends Not to Miss in 2021

With so much competition to grab users’ attention, it’s imperative for the ad creatives to sta...

4 min read
What Makes a Good Headline Copy?

Titles too general or descriptive won’t make users click on your ads. Headline formulas that o...

4 min read
How to Find Visuals for Your Native Campaigns

An average person sees thousands of ads throughout the day, and each of them touches on differ...

4 min read
Storytelling as the New Call to Action

Storytelling in the digital space is different compared to filmmaking and other mediums. Here,...

6 min read
Click Factor that Gets You into Ban

With the constant growth of native advertising and the globalization of its markets, advertise...

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