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What is Native Advertising?

Native advertising is a concept that is cohesive in nature — ads that blend into the surrounding environment and do not negatively impact user experience.

In essence, native ads are:

  • Cohesive with the page content
  • Assimilated with the website design
  • Consistent with how the platform behaves

The concept of native advertising has evolved over the years. However, they have one fundamental tenet — to make the ad look like it belongs to the platform where it is published. It is in direct opposition to ads that many marketers have been accustomed to doing, which is to bombard a user with flashy and attention-grabbing banners.

Native Advertising Basics You May Not Know

MGID Ad Formats

Both publishers and brands will be happy to know that we cater to different formats. Because we understand how native advertising works, we created a variety of formats that can be adjusted to the publisher’s design themes and website behavior. There are formats like in-article, under-article, sidebar, header, IAB banners and so much more. It is worth mentioning that our formats are AMP compatible.


Engaging and non-intrusive ads that match the look and feel of premium publisher pages.

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Eye-catching and visually appealing units that help grab attention with their engagement-focused elements

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Highly-viewable ads that provide a richer brand experience on the open web

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Article Promotion

We also have the capability to promote your articles as a publisher; we call this feature “recirculation.” With this feature, you can promote your own articles on your website for people to see as they scroll through your content list.

Native advertising ecosystem

The ecosystem of native advertising is comprised of publishers, advertisers, and users.

To make this ecosystem work, there has to be a triangle of trust between these three stakeholders. For one, the audience must trust the publisher, i.e. the publisher must be able to create value for users first before he can place the ad.

Next, the publisher must trust the brands that they promote products of interest for the publisher’s audience and do it in a compliant and responsible way. The brand must trust the publisher that he can provide a great story to the readers—a story that eventually culminates in interest in the advertiser’s product too.

Benefits of MGID

MGID boosts positive results through the combination of tech know-how and proprietary AI-based recommendation engines that help us yield quantifiable and meaningful advertising results for publishers and advertisers.

For advertisers

  • Reach 850M+ unique visitors monthly
  • Advanced targeting and retargeting features
  • Scalability and ease of use
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For publishers

100% fill rate with MGID’s direct and programmatic demand in native, display, and video

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How MGID boosts native advertising efficiency

So, how do we get this done?

Our approach is simple. We help publishers monetize their platforms while still nurturing their audiences; our ad formats are not intrusive. As a publisher, you also retain full control of placements and ad content.

As far as technology goes, we use algorithms that determine what ads a user may be interested in; our technology uniquely matches an ad with what a user is likely to click. With features like recirculation, the algorithm can match both monetization and user retention goals.

It does not stop there—our advertising platform has advanced targeting and retargeting features that take into account the exact stage of the consumer journey. So far, all the ads that we run use advanced strategic delivery systems—we show ads to the right person at the right time and in the most suitable environment.

Finally, for both advertisers and publishers, we provide robust analytics and optimization tools to exceed planned KPIs.

Become an MGID partner

Whether you are a brand or a publisher, we know that the bottom line of advertising is revenue. As such, we have designed our advertising programs to help you meet this fundamental goal: to earn money or to increase sales.

To boost your revenues, we can offer advanced recommendation algorithms and truly organic ad placements. According to the Native Advertising Institute, users look at the subtle and non-intrusive native ads 53% more often, which results in higher click-through rates and purchase intentions.

In addition to this, you want assurance that we fully comply with global privacy regulations such as GDPR, CCPA, and IAB standards. With MGID, you can be guaranteed that we always adhere to industry best practices and standards.

Join us and become an MGID partner!

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