Here at MGID, we are committed to being responsive to clients’ requests, as well as industry practices and standards. That’s why we changed the default settings of the main publisher reports and added several new performance metrics to give our customers a better experience and insights into how their widgets are performing.

MGID analytic reports allow you to track all real-time advertising metrics separately for websites and widgets. Some of the most commonly used include: Views with Visibility, Clicks, Click-Through Rate (CTR), Ad CPC, and Ad Revenue.

What advertising metrics are available for websites?

Let’s run through key publisher metrics that are now available for websites:

What advertising metrics are available for widgets?

MGID publisher dashboard also allows tracking the following metrics for each widget:

What advertising metrics are available in the video report?

Bottom line

Every metric is important and can help you eliminate roadblocks and find ideas for further optimization. We believe that with the new default settings, MGID clients can have a much cleaner data collection and analysis process.

In case you encounter any difficulties in analyzing the dashboard metrics, our support team can help and guide you through the process.