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5 min read
How Publishers Can Lessen Their Dependence on FAANG

Recent revelations have shed more light on “Jedi Blue,” the codename for Google’s alleged prop...

6 min read
Fighting for Ad Quality: Key Battle Lines in 2022

For publishers, ad quality is not a vague goal but an imperative. Complying with clear guideli...

4 min read
The Big Dance: Advertisers, Publishers, and Audiences Need t...

In recent years, we’ve seen some telltale signs that the subscription model was on the rise. U...

4 min read
Publishers Must Expand Their Horizons to Harness the Effect ...

Exploring new revenue streams, such as paywalls and eCommerce, is an intelligent move for publ...

5 min read
Costs & Benefits of Monetizing Your Website

For anyone in the publishing industry, it is no secret that focusing on audience acquisition a...

2 min read
New Metrics on MGID Publisher Dashboard

Here at MGID, we are committed to being responsive to clients’ requests, as well as industry p...

6 min read
Monetizing Your Website? Here's What Not To Do

The question of website monetization is one that bloggers often have the most difficult time a...

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