At MGID, we launched the new context filter in order to ensure brand safety in your advertising campaigns. The new feature on our platform will allow you to exclude all placements and content pages that mention COVID-19. As a result, you will be in control of the context in which the ads are placed and eliminate reputation risks of advertising next to hype media content on the pandemic.

Dealing with reputational risks

With the recent pandemic crisis, the amount of content that revolves around the pandemic evolution, the number of deaths, economy lockdown and other disastrous consequences has increased exponentially. For some brands, neighboring with this content might damage the brand safety; users may be reluctant to interact with even relevant advertising content put in the information environment with the grim reality of the coronavirus crisis.

At MGID, we are focused on the contextual relevance of the ad placements and enabling safe brand communications with users. Our key goal is to make sure that the advertising creative not only matches the appearance of the site on which it is displayed, but it is also put in the appropriate context to the user who is ready to interact with it. Therefore, we developed the new contextual intelligence tool to help you better control the brand image in the midst of COVID-19 turmoil.

Contextual intelligence tools by MGID

The new filter is an extension of our brand safety solution that we provide for advertisers and marketers. Simply put, it allows you to catch site pages with COVID-19 content and exclude them from advertisement placements in real-time. The ML algorithm evaluates the context of the page that hosts the MGID widget; if context is related to coronavirus the advertisement will not be displayed on the page.

This feature will be available for all regions very soon. Do not hesitate to contact your account manager if you are interested to try out this tool and harness consumer touchpoints with your brand.

In conclusion, we are able to put the brand messages in the right context or exclude certain contexts from the wheels of your campaign. The same ML-filtering can be used to exclude pages with any particular subject that you consider harmful for brand safety. As a result, the audience of your campaigns will get the promotional messages in an appropriate context when they are ready to consume that information.