In order to make our content and creative processing algorithms more transparent to our advertisers and to provide our publishers with an even higher standard of displayed content, we have decided to expand our ranking scale to one more type: PG13.

The new ranking will cover personal blogs and advertorial formats of web pages, whose design, content and overall quality are not compliant to PG-ranking but are higher than R. Check the example of creatives that fit this description and examples of PG and R formats:


PG13-ranked creatives, from now on, represent the middle ground solution between branded PG-ranked creatives and more true-to-life R creatives. Please keep in mind that the MGID compliance team reviews each ad component when ranking. Thumbnail images are not the only deciding factor but the headline, advertising text and CTA text as well.

This new format of creatives will be available very soon. If you need to refresh the MGID compliance policy details, please feel free to review our policies via the dashboard or refer any questions directly to us.