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6 min read
Web 3.0: Direct, Privacy-Driven Advertising

As more entrepreneurs, thought leaders and tech savants openly discuss Web 3.0, the elusive — ...

3 min read
Assessing Users’ Purchasing Power with Phone Price Targeting...

A new feature on the MGID platform allows you to target ad campaigns based on the price of a u...

5 min read
How Publishers Can Lessen Their Dependence on FAANG

Recent revelations have shed more light on “Jedi Blue,” the codename for Google’s alleged prop...

6 min read
5 New Hacks to Design Landing Pages That Sell Well in 2022

Designing landing pages that convert has always been about staying one step ahead of the compe...

5 min read
Supply Path Optimization Explained

Programmatic ad spending has been in an upwards swing ever since its inception but never befor...

5 min read
Third-Party Cookies and The State of Digital Advertising

The last 18 months have dramatically rearranged priorities for the digital advertising industr...

4 min read
IAB Europe’s New Guide to Native Advertising

Over the last five years, IAB Europe has released guides to native advertising, in order to ed...

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