MGID, the global advertising platform, has today launched an innovative pre-flight campaign assessment solution, developed in collaboration with strategic partner Memorable — the leading driver of smart creative analysis.

Hosted by MGID’s fast-growing platform, the new Performance Prediction Feature will use Memorable’s artificially intelligent (AI) model to estimate creative impact, in line with unique campaign settings and ad design. Providing a granular understanding of likely effectiveness, the solution will make it easy for advertisers to maximize results and minimize wasted spend.

The launch is part of MGID’s continuing mission to help brands maintain a strong competitive edge through compelling and efficient native advertising. Following its recent development of self-service generative AI image creation, this latest investment in predictive capabilities will facilitate streamlined analysis of tech-assisted ads to determine which variants should be served and how copy and headline changes will affect performance, positively or negatively.

Based on data about ads across MGID’s vast ad network, evaluations will instantly consider hundreds of parameters — including creative makeup, target audience, geographic location, and device type – to forecast whether ad impact will be poor, medium, good, or excellent, with prediction accuracy for high-performing creatives of over 90%. Running this comprehensive analysis during testing will mean advertisers can proactively identify their best creative concepts, implement insight-led optimization, and re-test messages using dynamically updated data.

“This newest addition to our advertising toolbox is a testament to MGID’s focus on constantly catering to evolving client needs,” comments Oleksii Borysov, VP of Product at MGID.

“As AI tools have come to play an integral role in ad production, it’s become increasingly clear that more scalable, intelligent, and accurate testing is needed to ensure efficiency gains are sustained at all stages — with rapid assessment allowing advertisers to pre-emptively sort effective from ineffective ads before delivery. After intensive development with Memorable, we’re proud of this joint output and look forward to seeing where the partnership will expand next.”

“With our partnership, Memorable and MGID are pioneering the future of creative effectiveness. By harnessing AI-driven predictive creative analysis, MGID’s global client-base can now unlock the full potential of their ad creatives, ensuring every campaign is set-up to succeed.” commented Sebastian Acevedo, Founder/CEO.