MGID’s most recent partnership and latest integration is with Getty Images. The leading global visual content creator and marketplace allows advertisers to seamlessly choose from a variety of high-quality and ready-to-use imagery, test different options and, ultimately, improve campaign performance.

Committed to delivering relevant, high-quality ads in the advertising ecosystem, MGID continuously adds new features and implements new solutions that streamline campaign testing and optimization. Earlier this year, we implemented Safety Rankings to achieve the highest level of transparency for our partners and to create a highly informative yet digestible ad classification system.

We’re excited to share that Getty Images’ inventory is now available for advertisers on MGID’s dashboard. These collections of images include a wide range of photos, illustrations, vector graphics and videos, and they are already licensed for use in your campaigns.

How to use the new Stock Image Gallery

Whether you’re adding a new ad creative or editing an existing one, you will find the ‘Stock Gallery’ tab in your dashboard. Clicking on the tab, you will discover ready-to-use images and videos from Getty Images’ inventory.

From here, you can type relevant keywords in the keyword bar and adjust search results according to your creative needs. Keywords can be typed in any language; however, the output may differ amongst languages. Note that the search results can be sorted by date (newest), relevancy (best match) or popularity (most popular).

To enlarge a static image, hover your cursor over the selected items. Once you’ve found your desired creative materials, click on the selected image, and it will appear in the preview block.

MP4 ads and the Stock Video Gallery

At MGID, we continuously expand formats compatible with native ads. Now, advertisers can add MP4 and MOV files to create motion ads. Here are the key specs you should follow working with these formats:

  • file size may not exceed: 5 Mb
  • video duration: less than 15 seconds
  • minimum dimensions: 492 x 328 px

To make the most out of this addition, the Video Stock Galley by Getty Images is also available to our customers. Depending on the imagery you are looking for, you may switch from static to video content search results. You can hover your cursor over the selected items to play a video.

Best practices to boost clicks and conversions

When working with easy-to-search stock inventory, you should be wary about visual clichés and using media your audience has already seen. In most cases, it’s a good idea to play with metaphors and indirect comparisons or, at the very least, to look a little bit further than the first search results.

Images also need to feel real, which means that the activities and scenarios you portray in your ads don’t always have to be pleasant. Look for conflict, drama or dilemmas to elicit an emotional response from your audience.

Let’s go through some other considerations to help you choose the right imagery for your ad campaigns:

  • Consider image composition

Both cluster photos or images with a central object can perform well, but make sure that the chosen image follows a particular type of composition.

  • Add dynamics

Search for attention grabbing materials and opt for dynamic photos or videos with an unknown ending. Users will be curious to see the ending, ultimately clicking on creative.

  • Be mysterious

Try to spark viewers’ curiosity with hidden details and elements. For example, if there’s a photo of a man looking at the laptop, do not show the screen.

  • Incite emotions

Look for images that depict love, compassion, anger or any other strong emotion that complements your ad’s core message.

  • Contrast with color and context

Color or contextual contrast works well as an attention-grabber and can accentuate the focal point of the ad.

Final thoughts

To sum up, the Getty Images integration on the MGID dashboard makes using their diverse library seamless. Now, you can easily utilize A/B testing and optimize visuals for your ad creatives. There’s no need to download and re-upload images from other sites or manage numerous subscriptions to stock websites. By making more high-quality image options available, we’re sure that this new tool will streamline the ad creation process and improve ad quality.