MGID is excited to announce a new partnership with Eyeota, the global provider of audience solutions for digital marketing, that combines MGID’s multi-format premium demand, brand-safety solutions, and award-winning technology with Eyeota’s trusted and reliable market-specific data.

The collaboration allows MGID’s clients to enrich their first-party data with third-party data on consumers’ interests, behaviors and intent to help them reach relevant consumers at scale, with localized targeting. By bringing together MGID's Contextual Intelligence with Eyeota's data, advertisers are able to build behavioral profiles that ensure privacy-compliance.

Oleksii Borysov, VP of Product at MGID, said: "In the face of economic turmoil and reduced consumer spending, connecting more deeply with customers has never been more important. Brands need sustainable and scalable solutions that are non-intrusive and can guarantee quality content."

"By partnering with Eyeota, we can provide marketers with seamless and transparent access to audience data and insights, helping them to tailor their campaigns at scale, all the while respecting user privacy."

Eyeota’s audience solutions help brands and marketers to enrich first-party insights, enhance personalization and transform targeting on digital channels. Eyeota specializes in ID agnostic data onboarding and activation on a global scale, offering privacy-compliant and quality certified data built for addressability. This is a benefit to advertisers as they can get further insights into their audience to enhance targeting on digital channels.

"Whether it’s driving awareness or connecting with buyers in-market, our audience solutions help brands engage digital consumers at every stage of the customer journey.” said Business Development Director at Eyeota, Jimmy Aoun.

“Having advertisers access our data on MGID can provide a great user experience for digital consumers.”