MGID has been intensively evolving following the market changes and it’s own call to innovation and here are some new and exciting improvements we’ve prepared for you together with some old features that have always worked best.

1475750661Anti-Ad Blocking solution. Based on the DEAL concept, developed by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), MGID’s proprietary technology provides three levels of real-time anti-ad blocking, giving publishers new options to protect ad revenue. MGID’s anti-ad blocking solution does not require site recoding, nor does the technology slow down site performance.


1475749557Predictive targeting is a technology for matching promoted content with user interests in real-time, resulting in a significantly higher engagement rate and higher revenues for publishers.



1475750001Proprietary anti-fraud software, in-house analysts and 3rd party validation by Forensiq combined block more than 10 million clicks a month, saving MGID’s clients’ advertising budgets.

MGID has focused on brand-safe sponsored messaging and when we say ‘brand-safe’ we really mean it. Publishers can always match the content they promote with their expectations on brand-safety.

Account managers help publishers establish and meet goals, be they maximizing revenue, achieving highest revenue per click or supplying content recommendations using their worldwide knowledge and expertise in native advertising to optimize each campaign on a daily basis. This service is free.

MGID offers performance-based terms. We don’t force publishers into long-term, exclusive contracts. Performance is the best guarantee of loyalty.

MGID provides steady stream of advertising revenue through native placements. Publishers can either monetize existing traffic or recirculate audiences for increased user interaction. Stay tuned, more improvements coming soon.