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3 min read
SalesTech Star Interview with Nickolas Rekeda, CMO at MGID

Tell us about your role and journey into Marketing Technology. What inspired you to join MGID?...

5 min read
Exposed: The Users Behind the Ad Blockers

Ad blocking, a scourge to online publishers, costing them an average of over £930,000 per year...

3 min read
Google Chrome Adopts New Ad Standards

We all know that advertising revenue helps support diverse types of free content, credible jou...

6 min read
Interview with Michael Korsunsky, Chief Marketing Officer at...

by Ankush Gupta Dec 05, 2016

  1. Could you tell me a little about your background and h...
4 min read
For Publishers Looking to Regain Revenue Lost to Ad Blocking...

How can you as a publishers strike the balance between maintaining a revenue stream and offeri...

5 min read
Ad-Blockers: Let’s Call Them What They Are!

Adotas  |  Q&A with Michael Korsunsky, Chief Marketing Officer, MGID

Q: Why do you thi...

4 min read
Ad Blocking Is A Racket — And Google Has Been Fuelling The F...

Adblock Plus recently launched its own ad exchange — something the company argues is a positiv...

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