If you are looking for niches that are in the scale phase right now, we’ve got you covered. Follow along with our regular monthly rating and find out which vertical and geo combinations brought the most growth in clicks and conversions this September.

High-opportunity verticals and geos

Below are the top 10 niches of September that are worth considering:

Healthy Living and Medical Health offers have been performing extremely well in Poland, Brazil, Thailand, and Ecuador. Healthy Living offers in particular have converted at a higher pace in Poland and Brazil, with a 21% and 110% surge in total clicks. Campaigns under the Medical Health category had 29% and 14% more clicks in Thailand and Ecuador.

Personal Finance offers had a fast rise in Italy and Mexico, with a 31% and 28% increase in clicks compared to the previous month. Style and Fashion campaigns achieved good results in Indonesia and Vietnam; the total amount of clicks increased by 35% and 46%, respectively.

Finally, Content campaigns got the most responsive traffic in Italy and Russian Federation. In Italy, these campaigns had a 7% higher CTR and 15% more clicks compared to August. In Russia, clicks in this category increased mildly, by 3%.

Creative approaches that work well

To help you make the most out of native traffic in these niches, we also share some well-performing creative approaches spotted on MGID native advertising platform.

As you get ready to run this year’s Black Friday campaign, focus more on the gift items and things people buy for their close ones. Even though usually holiday shopping starts after Thanksgiving and continues until Christmas, this year has pushed consumers to start thinking about holidays earlier. After the pandemic, people are longing for the comfort of the holidays.

The holiday shopping is mostly done on the phone, therefore it is reasonable to run dedicated campaigns targeting mobile users. As for the visuals, put ‘Black Friday’ text on the images and use real-life photos of the products you are selling. If you advertise recognized brands, you can put their logos on visuals as well. Also, you can show on images something extraordinary, perceived to take users’ holidays to the next level. In copies, stress convenience, time-saving and hassle-free shopping, fast delivery, and most of all discounts.

For regular campaigns, don’t be afraid to intrigue the viewer and evoke emotions like interest or disgust. Use imagery that will keep them wondering and make them want to enclose the ‘charming muck’ and see what it really is. For example, on the creations above it is unclear what is getting out of the mouth or what’s happening to the belly, or the bloody vessel in the pictures. Copies give some context but it’s not enough to satisfy the sparked curiosity, and users end up clicking to find out all hidden details.

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