Every month, we highlight niches that brought the most growth in clicks and conversions. Let’s find out what’s been working in the MGID space this July.

High-opportunity verticals and geos

Below are the top 10 niches of July that are worth considering:

The marketplace dynamics has been favorable for European geos, including Germany, France, Spain, Italy, and Romania. Click stats in Healthy Living campaigns increased by 37% in Spain and 18% in Italy, respectively. Medical Health offers topped out the charts in Germany; these campaigns received 45% more clicks compared to the previous month. For the Personal Finance category, the best-working geos turned out to be France and Romania, with 17% and 98% growth in clicks.

As for the best-performing niches in APAC geos, campaigns in the categories Personal Finance, Content, and Style and Fashion have shown solid growth. Content campaigns in Indonesia have consistently converted well, with a 38% growth in clicks. Offers under the Personal Finance category are definitely worth testing; their average CTR increased by 15% together with 59% growth in spending. User clicks on Style and Fashion ads have increased the most in India, by 61% compared to the previous month.

Finally, it’s a good time to try Medical Health and Healthy Living offers in Colombia. Their clicks stats are soaring with about 20% growth, while campaign spends increased by 40% in Medical health and 28% inHealthy Living categories.

Creative approaches that work well

In addition to this, we have reviewed the creatives of campaigns that climbed the ranks faster than others this month. With a few little hooks and tweaks, these approaches can help you maximize clicks and conversions in the growing markets.

As a rule of thumb, go for unusual details that spark curiosity. For example, you can make the audience guess how fishes can help premature aging, or be hesitant if they see some new trendy body art or healing flower petals.

Promoting Healthy Living and Medical Health offers, try not to focus too much on telling exactly ‘what’ the product is, but rather explain to a visitor ‘why’ they should care. Drill down to what their problems are and offer remedies to their actual pain points.

In the Healthy Living category, one of the most popular ways to grab user attention is by showing colorful, visually attractive food that readers can’t wait to eat. The key message should be that eating this will get a very quick and sought-after result without any extra effort.

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