Continuing to lead in groundbreaking native advertising trends and techniques, MGID has just released its latest engagement tool, an internal circulation widget geared towards galvanizing traffic recirculation, increased user traction and improving other key performance indicators. Here’s a brief look at this cutting edge technology that publishers around the globe will soon reap the many benefits from.

What is Internal Recirculation?

MGID’s advanced technique allows publishers to increase session duration by directing users to engaging site content or other sites within their network, resulting in higher RPMs. MGID’s internal circulation widget uses a highly sophisticated algorithm to discover content with the most engagement for recirculation.

How Does MGID’s Widget Work?

The technology behind MGID’s widget leverages 10 years of native advertising experience, all accumulated into one single algorithm. This intelligent algorithm self-educates itself on your content, with all math handled by MGID on the back-end.

Based on its discoveries, the algorithm will then select the most engaging pages and create appropriate native ads. Publishers have access to previews created automatically using OpenGraph meta tags for review. The selected content is then added into rotation, and the campaign is automatically optimized on the go. Publishers can expect the algorithm to reach maximum engagement in just two weeks time. Please keep in mind that data is only collected on pages where MGID ad units are placed.

User Control and Customization

Additionally, if publishers would like greater control, they can choose to manually select recirculation content and adjust unit design. MGID facilitates this through user-friendly tools with a range of adaptive presets.

Not only can engagement be improved through this technology, but publishers can add native monetization in any proportions to increase revenue gains. Through MGID, publishers can capitalize on native monetization with a 100% fill rate worldwide, which offers monetization on all geo locations and devices, averaging an impressive RPM of $1-3 with no upper limit. Publishers can utilize either native monetization or internal circulation, or both, within one ad unit. To ensure the best user experience, paid links are clearly marked according to best practices of the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

Networks have the additional option to recirculate content traffic within multiple websites. The widget will facilitate the organization of selected websites into one network, and distribute traffic within according to individual needs. This allows for maximum recirculation and exposure of publisher’s valuable content with full control over the placements.

Publishers can also choose the number and location of each paid link.

Industry-Tested And Approved

Publishers that utilize MGID’s widget can be sure that they are reaping the benefits of the best internal recirculation technology on the market. To ensure effectiveness and results, MGID selected a control group of websites to participate in product beta testing for the MGID widget and four other similar recirculation solutions. The products were tested on the same group of sites within the same timeframe. The results indicated that MGID’s widget increased page views by more than 12%, which is 3% percent better than the highest-ranking competitor, and almost 10% higher than other similar products. Ultimately, MGID’s algorithm identified the most optimal recommendation strategy for maximum engagement, and delivered results far greater than current industry leaders.

Whether utilizing the widget’s intelligent, optimization algorithm or user-friendly manual customizations, publishers can expect significant improvements in number of page views, views per visitor, time on site and reduce bounce rates. In addition to this fully transparent, self-teaching platform, each publisher is backed by a dedicated, personal MGID expert to ensure engagement and monetization goals are met and exceeded. To enable this astounding new internal recirculation tool, publishers can contact their MGID account managers for assistance.