The Kiwify platform is part of the e-commerce sphere, providing both affiliates and sellers with the opportunity to earn money. There are two key elements to the platform:

  • The Kiwify affiliate program that helps the platform reach a wider audience;
  • An e-commerce marketplace where sellers can expose their products to potential buyers.

Partly thanks to Kiwify affiliates, the platform has seen a surge in popularity in Brazil. Combined with its localized advertising approach, strategic partnerships and technological investments, we’re confident that Kiwify will continue to contribute to the success of its affiliates and sellers. In this post, we’ll dive into the ins and outs of the Kiwify platform and explain how to integrate it with MGID.

Kiwify: How It Works

Kiwify may be an e-commerce platform but don’t expect to find the type of products you’d normally see on Amazon. If you want to be a Kiwify affiliate, keep in mind that the focus here is on e-learning resources. In that sense, it is very similar to Udemy and Coursera because its target market is the EdTech and B2C markets. Want to find out how to make money on Kiwify affiliate products? You first need to understand how it works.

  1. The seller creates a course.
  2. They put it on the Kiwi e-commerce platform.
  3. People buy it.

To be successful as a Kiwify affiliate, your role is to help the sellers reach a wider market by promoting their courses — we’ll get into more detail about this in a later section. For now, let’s proceed with account registration.

How to Create an Account on Kiwify

To access all the income-generating possibilities of Kiwify, you first need to create an account, which shouldn’t take more than two minutes. How to join Kiwify? It’s a simple 3-step process.

  1. Click the Register Now button on the upper right-hand corner of the screen.
  2. Nominate your login credentials and confirm that you’ve read the terms and conditions.
  3. Complete your Kiwify registration by clicking the Create Account button.

Please note, you must have a Brazilian CPF or CNPJ and a Brazilian bank account in order to proceed. If you don’t have either of these, create a Kiwify account only after completing these requirements.

If you’re a foreigner wanting to enter the Brazilian market, you must be a legal resident or a Brazilian legal entity.

Should You Register as an Individual or as a Legal Entity?

As a Kiwify affiliate or seller, you may think that registering as an individual is the only choice. After all, you are an individual. However, before you proceed with your Kiwify registration, you should consider the taxes. We’ll talk more about the numbers in a bit, but for now, try to answer these questions:

  • Do I want to work as a Kiwify affiliate or info producer?
  • Am I able to pay fees upfront before getting started?
  • Do I want to keep more of my income from sold courses or from selling as a Kiwify affiliate?

Your answers to these questions will determine your best move when deciding on signing up as an individual or as a company.

Understanding the Tax Rates for a Kiwify Affiliate or Info Producer

As an individual, your tax rate can range from 7.50% to 27.50%, regardless of whether you are operating as a Kiwify affiliate or info content producer. But as a company, it becomes more complicated. Course and e-book creators are taxed based on the digital product produced. Meanwhile, a Kiwify affiliate registered as a legal entity may be taxed from 6% to 16.33%, depending on the taxation method used. So, if you want to know how to make money, Kiwify products are better sold from a legal entity (CNPJ). Therefore, putting in a little bit of work and money to set yourself up as a company can pay off tremendously in the long run.

Kiwify: How to Make Money on the Platform

Let’s assume that you’ve created an account on the Kiwify platform. You will officially have two ways by which you can earn money: create info products or sell as a Kiwify affiliate. Regardless of your chosen path, you’ll have three processing methods: credit card, Boleto or Pix. Sales made through these payment methods are released in 15 days, 1 day or instantly.

If you decide to focus on making money from the best products to sell on the Kiwify platform, keep in mind that there will be a security reserve. This will be where funds are drawn in case a customer asks for a refund.

How to Sell on Kiwify Successfully: Tips for Content and Subscription Pricing

The biggest hurdle is to get people to purchase your product. However, the job doesn’t end with creating the best products to sell on Kiwify and persuading users to make a one-time purchase. Your goal is to consistently draw in an income, which you can do by following these tips:

  1. Consider the cost of attracting a top Kiwify affiliate on top of your overheads and operational costs;
  2. Make various subscription packages to accommodate buyers across a wider budget range;
  3. Research what competitors are charging;
  4. Sell your Kiwify product independently and as a part of the package;
  5. Monitor and adjust pricing based on market response;
  6. Be transparent and specific about what’s included with your product.

Key Features and Information on the Kiwify Affiliate Platform: What Do You Need to Know?

As we all now know, Kiwify has an affiliate program. It allows you to earn money from the digital products and subscriptions that are currently available on the Kiwify affiliate platform. That’s all well and good, but how does it work? By discussing the key features of Kiwify for affiliates, you’ll get a better idea of how you can make it work for you. In the following sections, we will go into more detail about the unique affiliate structure that you’ll encounter with your Kiwify affiliate registration. As part of this section, we will also introduce tips for taking advantage of these features.

Affiliate Marketplace: See All the Digital Products That You Can Sell

How does Kiwify work? The commission structure is slightly complicated (we’ll get to this later), but it all starts at the same place: the affiliate marketplace. Here, you will see all the digital products and subscriptions from which a Kiwify affiliate can receive a commission. To ensure that your efforts aren’t going to waste, not every product in the e-commerce section of the site is included here. Certain criteria must be met before a Kiwify affiliate will be able to consider a product in the marketplace:

  • It must have at least 5,000 BRL in sales.
  • The chargeback rate must be lower than 3%.
  • Refund rate should be lower than 15%.

After meeting the conditions, it may be made available in the marketplace.

Product Selection Tips for Every Kiwify Affiliate

While you have a plethora of products to choose from, that doesn’t mean that you should go for all of them! After all, that would just divide your attention. So, when selecting products as a Kiwify affiliate, keep these tips in mind:

  • Consider the product price and commission: Here, the seller is in charge of determining the commission rates. Therefore, a responsible Kiwify affiliate should try to get the best deal.
  • Focus on up-and-coming products: The demand for these won’t be so high, so the likelihood of getting credit for a Kiwify affiliate sale is higher.
  • Read product reviews: If the reviews aren’t good, the likelihood that a refund will be issued is high. So, avoid them as much as possible.

Affiliate Approval System: How to Be a Kiwify Affiliate for a Specific Seller

The marketplace is there for you to explore your options. But what happens after you choose? Just because you want to become a Kiwify affiliate for a product doesn’t mean you’ll get approved. The product owner has the freedom to accept or reject applications. To facilitate the process, some owners set the Kiwify affiliate approval to automatic. This will allow you to get started immediately. However, if they have it set to manual, you’ll have to wait for your application to be approved before you can promote the product. There is no deadline to review each application, so you can be waiting for a while if the seller isn’t active on the platform.

How Can a Kiwify Affiliate Increase Their Odds of Approval?

If sellers are automatically accepting applicants, your odds of getting approved as a Kiwify affiliate are literally 100%. However, if they’re more discriminative about the people who can join, then be prepared to put your best foot forward. You’ll have a higher chance of becoming an official Kiwify affiliate if you follow these steps:

  • Use social media for marketing;
  • Improve engagement rates to show your potential to bring in money;
  • Ensure that your Kiwify affiliate media platforms are visible to info product creators;
  • Position yourself as trustworthy;
  • Make it obvious that your platform is a good fit for the product.

Affiliate Invite Link: How Sellers Can Personally Invite a Potential Kiwify Affiliate

The products and courses that you see in the marketplace may not represent the totality of all EdTech-targeted offers connected to Kiwify. This is because sellers have the option to opt out of displaying their offers on Kiwify’s marketplace; therefore, they aren’t visible to every affiliate registered on the platform. However, if they still want help with promoting and selling, they can use a Kiwify affiliate invite link. With this, they can directly send the link to people they want on their teams. Then, it is up to those people to decide whether or not to accept the invitation. The cool thing here is that you can be invited even if you’re not yet a Kiwify affiliate. You’ll just need to create an account before moving forward.

How Do You Get Invited to Be a Kiwify Affiliate for High-Earning Products?

Remember the tips for increasing your odds of affiliate approval for a product or subscription? Those apply here as well. However, since the information is not displayed, how are you going to know which sellers may potentially benefit from a Kiwify affiliate? That’s where lead generation comes in. A quick search will generate a list of websites that you can contact. Show a strong case for why you would be a great addition to the team and ask for the Kiwify affiliate link in their reply. A positive response (or any response) may not be guaranteed, but the potential to earn from these products is way higher because they’re not in the marketplace.

Understanding the Brazilian Market: A Crucial Step to Learning How to Sell as an Affiliate on Kiwify

By understanding the unique needs and preferences of the Brazilian market, you will be in a better position to respond. If you want to be a successful Kiwify affiliate, knowledge is power! In the previous section, you learned about a unique feature of Kiwify: the course or info product creator decides if they want you as a Kiwify affiliate. They are also responsible for how much you get paid. Therefore, your success depends on many things, including:

  • Getting accepted by the owner of a lucrative product as a Kiwify affiliate;
  • Assessing the earning potential of a product that you’re interested in;
  • Targeting the right audience and choosing the right advertising platforms.

Selling on Kiwify: How to Be an Affiliate Who Successfully Adapts to the Brazilian Market

Regardless of what you’re selling, one of the key things that you’ll have to do is know your audience. So to succeed as a Kiwify affiliate, what do you need to know? Here are a few facts about the Brazilian market that you should consider (most of which we found in a 2023 report by Reach Capital).

  1. Brazilians spend an average of 3.7 hours on social media per day, making it a good place to advertise for a Kiwify affiliate.
  2. iOS users have a greater buying power, which means it may be more profitable to target this market.
  3. Brazilians use online education to access programs that are not available locally. As a Kiwify affiliate, this presents an opportunity for you to promote in-demand programs that are not available in the country.

Legal Considerations for Users of the Kiwify Affiliate Program and Kiwify Sellers

Going in blind about regulatory issues can prevent you from reaching your goals. So, in order to succeed, you should consider the following legal guidelines:

  1. Limits on who can sell: Before you try to learn how to become a Kiwify affiliate or seller, make sure you have your CNP or CFPJ on hand.
  2. Taxation: As mentioned, legal entities and individuals are treated differently, tax-wise. As a Kiwify affiliate, you’re not taxed if your monthly income is low. However, once you start really earning, you may end up paying more.
  3. Consumer protection laws: Want to learn how to sell on Kiwify as an affiliate? Stick with selling info products that you know work. As a seller, you can avoid refunds by upholding quality standards.

Selling as a Kiwify Affiliate: How It Works with MGID’s Integration via Webhooks

Using MGID’s integration via webhooks allows you to enjoy seamless and enhanced campaign management capabilities:

  • Kiwify supports in-dashboard tracking integration via webhooks, enabling effortless passage of conversion data to MGID.
  • At MGID, we offer up to 3 endpoints for tracking various conversions within the checkout process (e.g., product added to cart, cart abandoned, order placed, etc.).
  • By tracking conversions on Kiwify, users gain access to comprehensive statistics within our newly enhanced dashboards, allowing them to optimize campaigns accordingly.

MGID makes it easier for you to generate sales, helping you increase your income and find new ways to improve your ROI.

How the Kiwify Platform Works in Connecting with MGID

Access to these capabilities is achieved through integration. You can go to this page for more detailed instructions, but this is what you need to do when learning how to be an affiliate on Kiwify:

  • Webhook setup: Navigate to conversion tracking and select Webhook, choose Kiwify from the third-party platform dropdown and create the desired event to obtain the Webhook URL.
  • Data transmission and processing: On Kiwify, open Webhook in apps and paste the URL generated on the MGID side for this event.
  • Action execution: Initiate a test conversion.
  • Confirmation and feedback: Verify if the integration with the Kiwify affiliate platform was successful.

If there’s an issue, our MGID support team is happy to help detect the problem with Kiwify affiliate registration in case the fault is on the side of the platform.

Get a Slice of the Profits from the Best-Selling Products on Kiwify in 2024 and Beyond as an Affiliate

Kiwify is a powerful platform that empowers learners with all kinds of knowledge by removing the location barrier to information. As a Kiwify affiliate, you’re going to have a huge hand in making this a reality. That’s why you have to work hard to ensure you connect your audience to the right products by getting seen as a high-quality Kiwify affiliate. Once you’re there, the next step is to maximize your income potential. Native advertising allows you to connect to the audience most likely to be interested in the Kiwify affiliate product that you’re promoting. And by signing up on MGID, you’ll get all the help you need. We support Kiwify integration and have the tools you need to succeed.