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8 min read
How to Utilize Social Proof to Build Customer Trust

Have you ever made a purchase based purely on the amount of glowing 5* reviews? Similarly, do ...

5 min read
Mobile-Specific Strategies for Native Advertising

For many years, marketing experts have focused on delivering mobile-friendly ads on our mobile...

3 min read
Creative Trends Not to Miss in 2021

With so much competition to grab users’ attention, it’s imperative for the ad creatives to sta...

4 min read
What Makes a Good Headline Copy?

Titles too general or descriptive won’t make users click on your ads. Headline formulas that o...

3 min read
Audience Acquisition from Multiple Traffic Sources

The past decade has seen drastic changes in the publishing industry in terms of web structure,...

4 min read
How to Localize Your Marketing Funnel to Drive Conversions

Looking for a wider reach, advertisers have to seek more than a mere translation of their ad c...

4 min read
Storytelling as the New Call to Action

Storytelling in the digital space is different compared to filmmaking and other mediums. Here,...

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