Here, at MGID, we’re rolling out the new advertising format — In-Content Impact Widget. The solution is ideal for advertisers that want to achieve both branding and performance KPIs; it has already proved to be a more efficient monetization solution, as compared to traditional in-article banner ads.

Let’s discuss what this solution can bring to your campaigns or website monetization strategy.

Hook user attention with smart design and engaging format

This advertising widget helps publishers build more engaging experiences and capture user attention faster. First of all, the widget is dedicated to showing only one advertisement at a time, so there is less competition for clicks.

Second, the widget is designed to blend seamlessly with the website environment. To achieve this, we implemented advanced algorithms that automatically adjust the color scheme of the block and size of an advertisement to the appearance on any website and device.

Finally, this advertising format has a unique layout and structure. In addition to the standard copy and thumbnail, it contains the extra text block with a description or preview and the large CTA button with text. Thus, there is more creative freedom to trigger engagement of the audience.

Enhanced performance

As there is less competition for clicks and more tools to drive engagement from the audience, marketers can achieve higher performance and improve conversion rates in campaigns. Also, the risk of the undesired ad neighborhood is completely eliminated in this case.

From the publishers’ point of view, the widget also proved to be a more efficient monetization solution. On average, there is 20% higher vСPM, compared to traditional in-article banner ads.


In-Content Impact Widget was built as a material contributor to our ads inventory, but it can become a real game-changer for advertisers and publishers. Something worth noting that this know-how is based on thorough optimization research and a series of tests. 

It amplifies the brand’s message through more engaging design and integrating with the on-page content. Last but certainly not least, the widget already proved to be more efficient in delivering performance results.

We do encourage you to try out the native feel and improved layout of our new widget. Just drop a line to your account manager if you are interested in it.