Running performance-based campaigns often comes with the choice of which markets are the most efficient in terms of both competition and consumer interest. More importantly, this situation constantly changes over time. 

At MGID, we decided to acknowledge niches that have been thriving each month and launch the regular rankings of vertical+geo combinations. We hope that it will help marketers pick the right moment to shoot and find higher engagement among the audience.

Top Risers of the month is a ranking of the best-performing verticals and geos. It tracks the composite performance of vertical+geo combinations and takes into account the growth in CTR, clicks, and spending in the niches under review.

Let’s now take a look at the Top Risers of May 2020:

Overall, May was a month of record growth in Spanish-speaking geos: Spain, Chile, Mexico, and Columbia. Spain and Chile saw an increase of 21% and 55% in the number of clicks, with Healthy Living and Medical Health verticals being the largest contributors to this growth. But even more important, CTR increased drastically - Chile by 49%, 9% in Spain, and 58% and 27% in Mexico and Columbia, respectively.

Romania and Slovakia were other countries with impressive growth. CTR increased by 41% in Slovakia and by 23% in Romania. The number of clicks also increased by 60% in Slovakia and by 12% in Romania. Something worth mentioning is that campaigns focused on Medical Health offers account for a substantial part of this growth. Combined with the insignificant CPC increase in Romania and even lowered CPC in Slovakia, these geos present worthwhile opportunities for marketers to tap into.

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