Our regular monthly rating highlights the top-performing niches that brought the most growth in clicks and conversions. Follow along if you want to find out which verticals and geos can bring you the warmest traffic in June.

High-opportunity verticals and geos

Below are the top 10 niches of May that are worth considering:

Going into the summer season and celebrating the end of the pandemic restrictions, users become more interested in e-commerce and shopping offers. Hence, there has been above-average growth in the Style and Fashion and Shopping categories. User clicks on Style and Fashion ads have increased the most in Indonesia, Colombia, and the United Arab Emirates. Campaigns in the Shopping category are remaining strong in Russia and India.

Personal Finance offers have been performing extremely well in Germany and Brazil, with CTR higher by 14% and 9% compared to the previous month. Home and Garden in Italy has had by 5% higher CTR and by 49% more clicks. Technology and Computing campaigns have received the highest engagement in the UK, with the average CTR higher by 18%. Finally, Healthy Living offers had a fast rise in Spain, with 60% more clicks.

Creative approaches that work well

To help you make the most out of native traffic in these niches, we compiled a short overview of winning creative approaches.

Curiosity, or even shock, from encountering something unusual remains to be one of the most powerful click drivers. For example, in the ad creative above, the female face is sliced and there are flowers growing from within. The ad copy only intensifies intrigue by suggesting a desirable outcome without an immediately offered solution.

Tactility and images of hands touching, squeezing, and shaking certain objects are another big trend that has worked well for a while now and still seems to be very receptive to consumers. In the ad example shown, the hand falls into something seemingly sticky and all-consuming, and users are curious to know what it is.

In some cases, it also works well to show the complete problem-solving process: explore the customers’ pain points and how the advertised product can solve them. Just like in this case — the need to keep your belongings safe on the beach and how the traveling safe can give you that.

Users always love advertisements that make them laugh. Also, humor, fun, and lighthearted satire can grab attention much faster and receive more clicks because the jokes have intrusive value for readers. Consider this funny ad, the copy talks about financial flexibility and we see the hundred dollar bill president doing a forward bend. In another example, there is a car in the candy cellophane wrapper and the ad copy about auto insurance — that’s right, it’s going to wrap and protect your candy car.

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