Every month, we’re covering the fastest growing niches to help marketers find the most responsive traffic. Let’s find out some of the trending vertical and geo combinations.

Below are the top performers of this June, with the fastest growth of average click-through rate, clicks, and spends.

European geos, more specifically France, Italy, United Kingdom, and Germany, should be considered first by marketers as high-converting geos. You can achieve much faster growth by promoting Healthy Living offers in France, products and services under the Automotive category in Italy, Style and Fashion campaigns in the United Kingdom, and Technology and Computing in Germany.

Asia-Pacific geos that are on the rise include Malaysia, Singapore, India, and Indonesia. Here, Medical Health and Healthy Living offers definitely should be on your radar because they increased by 30% in Malaysia, by 53% in Singapore, by 89% in India, and by 20% in Indonesia in terms of clicks.

Finally, it’s a good time to try Medical Health offers in Chile, as these have increased by 12% and 19% in CTR and campaign spends respectively. Shopping offers also had a fast rise in the United States, with 12% more clicks.

Creative approaches that work well

To help you maximize conversions in the growing markets, we collected creative ideas that are worth considering for your next campaigns.

One of the best creative strategies is to give (and show) consumers what they want. For example, individuals suffering from varicose veins dream of removing damaged skin tissues as if they were stockings, so this photo runs straight into the targeted consumers’ wish. Enhance such photos with problem-solving copies.

Don’t be afraid to surprise users with surreal contrasts. Like in the example below, you can show them a nose piercing with the leg ring, playing with the visual similarity of socks and doilies.

A simple high-converting hint: users like to debunk myths about perfect commercial shots, so show them what really happens behind the scenes or frames of such photos. For example, the photo with the ‘rose quartz’ bottle has a very recognizable Pantone frame but also shows details beyond the perfect image.

Another common and yet well-working strategy is to add unusual details to the things users know very well. For example, the photo with ginger intrigues users with the blue color of the root insides. It appears like they brought out a new medicinal plant variety.

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