At MGID, we decided to acknowledge niches that have been thriving each month by launching the regular rankings of vertical+geo combinations. We hope that it will help marketers pick the right moment to shoot and find higher engagement among the audience. Now let’s find out the highest converting niches of June.

This June, India has been the biggest gainer in terms of conversions and traffic growth. This geo saw an increase in CTR by 29%, while the aggregate growth of clicks and spends has been 6% and 35%, respectively. It is worth noting that this increase was mainly due to the following verticals: Shopping, Technology and Computing, Medical Health, and Family and Relationships.

The United Arab Emirates has also outperformed this month: CTR is higher by 12% compared to the previous month, while clicks and spends increased by 14% and 89%, respectively. The largest contributor to this growth has been Personal Finance, with a CTR growth of 44%.

Finally, Egypt is another geo to watch the following month as its CTR skyrocketed by 28%. Here, Shopping and Real Estate are two of the most promising verticals. Precisely, the CTR growth for the Shopping vertical amounted to 39% as compared to the previous month.

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