Every month, we highlight niches that are in the scale phase to help marketers pick the right moment to shoot and find higher engagement among the audience. Let’s find out what’s been working in the MGID space at the beginning of 2021.

High-opportunity verticals and geos

Below are the top performers of this January, with the fastest growth of average click-through rate, clicks, and spends.

The European geos are definitely on their power curve. Business and Investing in Italy had more clicks and CTR compared to the previous month, specifically 157% higher CTR and 107% more clicks. In the Czech Republic, the campaigns under the Medical Health category achieved a 114% growth in CTR and a 59% increase in clicks. In Germany, Events and Attractions received 87% more clicks than in December. In Spain, Healthy Living campaigns have been scaling up, with a spending growth of 101%.

APAC countries also had a fast rise in the last month. To a great extent, this growth was achieved by Personal Finance campaigns in Indonesia and Medical Health campaigns in Malaysia, which received 46% and 57% more clicks, respectively. Events and Attractions in Thailand had by 99% higher CTR and by 83% more clicks compared to December.

Finally, it’s a relatively good time to jump on Personal Finance offers in the United States. These campaigns had by 91% higher CTR and a 56% increase in spends. It’s also worth trying Style and Fashion in Mexico, as it has skyrocketed by 134% and 152% in CTR and clicks, respectively.

Creative approaches that work well

To help you maximize conversions in the growing markets, we also reviewed this month’s campaign performance and compiled a short overview of winning creative approaches.

Launching the Medical Health campaigns in the Czech Republic, use the cluster images with many of the same objects, for example, a handful of beans or chopped peppers. In copies, we recommend advertisers to stress natural ingredients, eco-life, and ease of use of the promoted solution.

When targeting Spanish consumers with Healthy Living offers, we recommend using real-life images that show various liquids in cups, glasses, cans, bottles, etc. In copies, emphasize convenience, organic ingredients, or other advantages of the solution. When targeting Mexicans, look for showy, flamboyant images with loud accents.

For the Technology and Computing campaigns in the United Kingdom, look for clean and harmonious images and entice users with the promise to reveal some practical life hacks (for example, for easy upgrade methods). For German users, however, it’s important to show novelty and play on their affinity for cost-saving solutions to everyday problems.

Based on the campaign performance, we recommend using discreet photos and careful messages in Indonesia, and in Malaysia, it is worth trying unusual real-life images with unusual details or minor defects to grab a user’s attention. For Thailand, it proves to be efficient to fill the visual with simple and familiar objects, and the more chaotic you place them the better.

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