Every month, we’re covering the fastest growing niches to help marketers find the most responsive traffic. Tune in to find out which verticals and geos are receiving the most clicks and conversions in August.

High-opportunity verticals and geos

Below are the top 10 niches of August, with the fastest growth of average click-through rate, clicks, and spends.

The period from late July till August is the time for back-to-school shopping campaigns, so there has been a massive growth in the Shopping and Style and Fashion categories. We have seen almost a 20% growth in clicks and campaign spends for these categories in the United States. In Brazil, Style and Fashion campaigns also had a fast rise, with 67% more clicks and a 70% increase in campaign spends. In Russia, campaigns under the Technology and Computing category surged by 64% and 77% in clicks and campaign spends, respectively.

Personal Finance offers received the highest engagement in Chile and the United Kingdom. In Chile, these campaigns had 79% higher CTR and 55% more clicks compared to July. In the United Kingdom, clicks in this category increased by 51% together with a 67% growth in spending.

Healthy Living and Medical Health offers have been performing extremely well in Europe and Southeast Asia. Particularly, Healthy Living offers have converted at a higher pace in Germany and Thailand, with a 15% and 102% surge in total clicks. Campaigns under the Medical Health category in Italy had 33% higher CTR and 67% more clicks.

Creative approaches that work well

To help you make the most out of native traffic in these niches, we also share some well-performing creative approaches spotted on MGID native advertising platform.

Photos taken from unusual angles or hiding the most interesting details continue to win more clicks than others. Users will want to take a closer look at them to reveal what exactly these intriguing photos are tied to.

Take a look at the examples above. Looking at the violet object lying on the 3D printing panel, the user’s subconscious intention would be to enlarge the image and find out what it is, ultimately leading to a click.

Dynamic photos will always appeal more than static images. For example, here the green smoothie is being poured into a glass with ice cubes; the user’s imagination will make up how these textures are interacting. They get the feeling that the glass is about to be filled, even when it is not clear what is being poured into it.

Don’t forget that invoking human emotions such as surprise, curiosity, anger, jealousy, and others on ad creatives also works consistently well. For example, in the creative above, we see a moment of danger on the road, the red color of the car almost screaming danger. Viewers are likely to experience a sense of fear, relating to past situations when there was scarcely enough time to slow down on the road.

Finally, solutions to exact customer pain points are always the best advertisements. This can be done by putting the particular problematic situations (such as knee pain, the mess in the apartment, lack of time, etc) on visuals, while the copies emphasize easy, affordable, convenient, natural, etc. solutions that you offer to these problems.

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