Our monthly rating highlights the top-performing niches that brought the most growth in clicks and conversions. Let’s find out what’s been up and coming in the MGID space this month.

In the APAC region, the Healthy Living campaigns in Malaysia have had an average conversion rate growth of about 84%, combined with a 72% increase in clicks. Shopping in Thailand and Technology and Computing offers in Indonesia are also ones that you’re going to want on your radar, with 72% and 115% growth in clicks, respectively. Content promotions in Vietnam have also increased by 53% in the total number of clicks, as compared to the previous month.

In Europe, the overall campaign performance has been stellar in Italy, Spain, and Germany. Healthy Living in Germany and Medical Health in Spain are soaring with about 43% and 87% growth in campaign spends. Shopping campaigns in Italy had 61% higher CTR and 103% more clicks compared to March. Home and Garden offers achieved a significant boost in Russia, by a higher 65% CTR and 30% more clicks.

Finally, in Latin America, the fastest-growing niches were Personal Finance in Mexico and Business and Investing in Brazil; these had by 62% and 39% higher campaign spends, while their average CTR also increased by 51% and 54%, respectively.

Creative approaches that work well

We know it may be tough to find the right advertising messages and visuals, so we also reviewed creatives in campaigns that climbed the ranks faster than their peers. Here’s our summary of winning creative approaches in the growing niches.

Breaking into the top, consider dynamic images that convey emotions. For example, this Thai family in the market spotted something interesting and the father decided to take a picture of it, but we don’t see exactly what it is. The photo ignites curiosity and makes viewers want to find out what they were looking at.

Some unusual visual effects with reflections or mirror magic also work well. Observe this example of advertising discounts for two pairs of glasses; the ad creative shows the mirrored image of a girl wearing glasses, thus alluring a viewer to find out how their look would be different in these glasses. Plus, discount announcements and fair pricing always bring solid click-through rates.

The same applies to magic neon elements or blurred images. The first ones draw attention and illuminate certain objects for the audience to focus on. When viewing something blurred, a user will want to solve the mystery and fix the picture, ultimately ending up clicking on the ad.

The most effective creative titles are the ones that make enticing promises to which you deliver on after a user clicks. For example, hook user curiosity with an announcement “8 Superfoods You Probably Have in Your Fridge” and then on your pre-lander or landing page you can fully describe how these products can be incorporated into the everyday diet.

Hands picking up certain items, performing actions, or putting out something also convert well; there’s this feeling that now we will receive something or watch some life hack. Finally, if you want to use metaphors on your visuals, we highly recommend choosing ones commonly readable, such as ‘elephant in the room’, ‘needle in a haystack’, ‘burning bridges’, etc.

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