MGID is pleased to officially announce its partnership with Leadbit. Within the framework of our new partnership, we have released a number of promotional offers that help advertisers and affiliates take advantage of additional benefits and exclusive bonuses during this special preliminary time.

First, let us introduce Leadbit:

Leadbit Group is a union of worldwide famous companies including advertising network MediaVenus, MostBest betting company, FBilling mobile-focused affiliate network, and of course Leadbit itself, that help people earn high profits without leaving home.

Leadbit is a leading direct advertiser and global affiliate network with over 5 years experience. Of course, its GEO wasn’t always so broad. Leadbit initially launched some of its own products in Сentral Europe but decided to expand and increase its resources, and today they work with more than 60 countries around the globe.

"The most important thing for us is the reliability of the products our partners promote. This is the main reason that we all do our best to provide high-quality campaigns around the globe. In the Leadbit system, 90% of offers are in-house performing campaigns that our team handles -- from start to finish."

Leadbit's focus is on Nutra with a cash on delivery (COD) payment method. This gives you the opportunity to start gaining profit faster with every approved lead. We have local call-centers in every GEO, where communication with clients is in their native language. This provides high degrees of approved leads and consequently gives a great profit.

We work with mobile traffic meaning 1–Click Flow & PIN Submit offers in Leadbit working only by direct agreements with mobile operators.

There are powerful technical features in Leadbit:

  • The powerful technical platform for fast monitoring of statistics
  • TDS, Banner rotator, Global PostBack, API etc.

Every webmaster has a  personal account manager who can be reached 24/7. Account managers problem solve in multiple languages.

You can order any promo materials to run profitable ad campaigns, translations of landings, pre-landings, and creatives in different languages in Leadbit.

You can register on this page to partner with MGID and Leadbit. Here are the exclusive offers:

Bonus #1 - Get $100 bonus on your first $500 deposit


We offer this bonus with selected partners only. The terms of the promotion are very simple, you can find them in the footer of the promo page.

Bonus #2 - 13% bonus credit by purchasing traffic from India, Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, or Latin America


This offer is extremely interesting! You end up paying for only 87% of traffic, and you get 13% of purchased traffic from these countries as a refund in your account. You can buy additional regions with this money, use this budget for tests, or however you please! Promoting Leadbit offers in these regions is part of the terms.

Bonus #3 - Grand Prize!

For serious people who buy traffic in large amounts. A trip to the Maldives is a pleasant bonus for traffic that performs, successful advertising campaigns, and high sales. After all your hard work, you deserve to relax in the tropical Maldives.

How to win - you have to spend no less than $10,000 on the promotion of Leadbit offers and have at least 2500 approved leads. Depending on the type of offer, you can calculate either 2500 leads at $4, or some other calculation to meet the minimum.

Don't miss out! This promotion will only last until November 30, 2017.

Make sure you tell your account manager that you are participating after you register. And best of luck!