If you’re a blogger or publisher looking to monetize a website, odds are that you have come across Google AdSense at some point. While AdSense may win the popularity contest with other monetization platforms, it certainly isn’t the only option available to you.

In fact, you can achieve even better results by combining AdSense with other reputable networks, allowing you to display ads that are not available within the AdSense’s inventory. Here you can review the guidelines for how to display non-Google ads as well as Google ads.

What does this mean? It means Google AdSense is absolutely compatible with MGID, and you can use both platforms simultaneously, benefiting you and your website in a number of ways.

  • More revenue. MGID can serve as an additional revenue source to your current ad composition, thereby increasing your overall performance. In addition, MGID offers an on-demand payout option, which can be a reasonable addition to AdSense's monthly payouts.
  • More data regarding your traffic. You can track all the statistics about your websites’ traffic within the MGID dashboard. With its help, you can easily monitor your MGID widget's performance. If you don’t understand something in metrics or need advice, a personal manager assigned to you will always be available to come to your aid.
  • More high-quality advertisers. Why limit yourself to Google’s advertisers when you can also access MGID’s top advertisers? An important advantage is that adding a new widget will not drop your AdSense earnings — MGID ad units are fully compatible with Google AdSense. In fact, many of our partners use ads from both ad providers to maximize their earnings.

Important note: If your website is just getting started, then using AdSense alone may not be a viable solution. This is a large and time-consuming tool, aimed at large publishers. In turn, MGID is great for not-so-big partners and offers each publisher the support of a personal manager. Your personal manager will communicate the best solution that will work for both Adsense and MGID and provide the best performance.

While Google has strict rules and the ability to not only implement audits and hold a client’s account but also permanently delete an account due to a one-time policy violation, MGID offers more flexible payment terms and policies. Our AMP Smart Widget provides an all-in-one solution for publishers, which allows for more control of content monetization. We also recently became the first third-party partner to support Story Ads, giving publishers direct access to an additional revenue stream.

So, don’t miss out on the opportunity to earn more! We are always glad to assist you with creating widgets that will work well on your website and optimizing them for higher rates. Furthermore, we are open to experimentation in order to find the most profitable way of making your widgets work on your website.

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