If you’re a blogger or publisher looking to monetize a website, odds are that you’ll come in contact with Google AdSense at some point soon (if you haven’t already). AdSense wins the popularity contest with other monetization platforms, but it certainly isn’t the only option available to you.

In fact, you can achieve even better results by combining AdSense with other reputable networks, allowing you to display ads that are not available within the AdSense’s inventory. Here you can review the guidelines for how non-Google ads may be displayed as well as Google ads.

It means Google AdSense is absolutely compatible with MGID, and you can use both platforms simultaneously, benefitting in a number of ways:

  • More revenue. MGID can serve as an additional revenue source to your current ad composition; therefore, your overall performance will increase.
  • More data regarding your traffic. You can track all the stats about your websites’ traffic within the MGID dashboard. With its help, you can easily monitor your MGID widget's performance.
  • More quality advertisers. Why limit yourself with Google’s advertisers when you can also access MGID’s top advertisers?
So, don’t miss the opportunity to earn more!  We are always glad to assist you with creating widgets that will work well on your website and optimizing them for higher rates. Furthermore, we are open to experimentation in order to find the most profitable way of making your widgets work on a website.

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