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13 min read
What Are Rich Media Ads: A Comprehensive Guide in 2023

One of the most common questions a brand marketing manager will ask is, “How can I solve the b...

2 min read
MGID Audience Reach in Thailand Grew By 30%, Gaining 35 Mill...

As a part of the APAC expansion strategy, MGID has broadened its reach in Vietnam, India and I...

6 min read
How the E-Commerce Landscape Has Evolved: New Consumer Habit...

In the past two years, the online landscape has changed radically. The impact of the coronavi...

6 min read
Gen Z vs Baby Boomers: Follow the Money

Following the uptick in digitization, publishers are honing in on the segment they see as the ...

9 min read
The Highest-Performing Traffic Acquisition Strategies

For website content to be found on the internet, hard work is not enough. Even the best articl...

5 min read
8 Reasons to Embrace Safety Rankings in Ad Campaigns

1.9 billion websites are competing daily for attention, and there are an estimated 4.95 billio...

5 min read
Attention-Based Placement of MGID Widgets

Brands are in the midst of a great user disengagement.

The advertising market has never been ...

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