MGID is a fast-growing company that is proud to sign dozens of new partnerships every month. We are doing our best to keep you updated with the latest news from our Advertisers and Publishers. And today we are pleased to introduce you to our brand new partner MaxBounty.

MaxBounty is a world-leading, performance-based affiliate network that specializes in maximizing the ROI for both affiliates and advertisers. Through its streamlined process, that has been perfected since 2004, MaxBounty ensures that both sides of the performance marketing spectrum are treated equally. Our newest partner is fully dedicated to the success and growth of all its clients. Comprised of thousands of campaigns and tens of thousands of affiliates, MaxBounty has the necessary volume that the modern affiliate marketer wants.

MaxBounty also works in all verticals, but its biggest strength is the diversity offered to affiliate campaigns. Whether your preferred model is CPA, CPL, Mobile, or Pay Per Call, it has more than 1,500 campaigns for you to select from in wide-ranging verticals such as market research, diet, dating, finance, real estate, social games, and more.

MaxBounty is truly committed to seeing its partner's success. Right now all new affiliates will receive a $1,000 performance-based bonus! Find out more about this offer at

Stay tuned for more news from our partners.