Getting safe and legitimate traffic is always the object for online advertisers and publishers. The latest trends in digital advertising is steadily moving to a programmatic format. These trends were reflected in newly released IAB Tech Lab specifications of ADS.txt. A tool designed to keep counterfeit and unauthorized inventory out of the digital advertising supply chain.

Ads.txt stands for Authorized Digital Sellers that aims to prevent various types of counterfeit inventory across the ecosystem by improving transparency in the digital programmatic supply chain.

The way it works is not that complicated. Participating publishers post the list of authorized sellers to their domain. This list is publicly accessible, so programmatic buyers can then crawl the web for publisher ads.txt files and create a list of authorized sellers for each participating publisher. Then programmatic buyers can create a filter to match their ads.txt list against the data provided in the OpenRTB bid request.

MGID supports this initiative and highly encourages publishers to implement an ads.txt file. When you run your campaign with MGID, you can always feel secure that your ads will show only on authorized sites. Our direct relationships with thousands of publishers ensures that we know where your brand content is going to be placed every time you run a campaign on our network.  

Here at MGID we always support initiatives to make our industry better. Stay tuned and check our latest update for successful case studies.