All ads that run on the MGID platform have to go through the standard procedures of moderation and control. These processes aim to ensure that users do not use low-quality creative materials, misleading information or scams in ads.

At certain times, content moderation takes more time than usual, and there are distinct factors that make it difficult to pass moderation for some creatives. So what can you do about them to speed the moderation flow and ensure compliance of your ads?

Mind your legal steps

As the first step, make sure that your ads do not contain prohibited products or content. On the MGID website and platform, there is a section with the list of prohibited and restricted products. Check this list and eliminate the prohibited items completely from all your campaigns.

If you find your products on the list of restricted items, make sure to provide the corresponding certificates, affidavits, terms and conditions, and other legal documents as required in the category of your offers. These legal proofs are necessary to prove that your products are legitimate.

Another step that you can do is the product or content preview under the assistance of our moderation team. To get help from MGID moderators, you have to send us the link to your product or service, and we will do the pre-moderation of your campaigns. Essentially, this step will streamline the further review of your materials.

Check your URL and landing page

To combat cloaking practices, we do not allow varying campaigns within one. Therefore, if you need to run A/B testing on your ads, you must inform us before launching the campaign.

As a rule of thumb, we recommend reviewing the webpage information value and content from the standpoint of your readers. All stories that you put on the pre-lander or landing page have to be of high-quality and do not contain forbidden content, such as pornography, terrorism, hate speech and other unwanted materials.

In addition to the thorough content review of your website, we also check the advertisements you put in the sidebars, footers or other places. The navigation buttons should be clickable and lead to the corresponding references. Last but not least, avoid putting fake elements on your website, such as illegitimate images of media personalities, fake comments, etc.

Check your copy and watch your visuals

Whether you are running a worldwide campaign or targeted campaigns for several regions, make sure that you coincide with the native culture. You will be able to go with the moderation process much faster if you correct grammar errors and edit your copy to make it sound native to the audience. At MGID, we don’t pass any kind of vulgar or confusing titles, so make sure that the creatives are appropriate in this regard.

Do not rearrange thumbnail combinations or use the best working titles with the new visuals. Each advertisement is evaluated as a single creative unit; the more clear and consistent the copy you provide, the better the ultimate results of your campaigns. You should take into account that there are a number of geo-specific concerns, and some titles may be prohibited in some regions and appropriate in others.

Image quality has to comply with our content policies, i.e. the visual should not be blurry or depict medical hoaxes, they have to be in the proper resolution, etc. In your ads, you can’t show celebrities or other famous personalities without their endorsement. Also, make sure that the images you want to use are not protected by copyright.

Most common reasons for rejection

Right now, one of the most common reasons for the advertisement rejection during the moderation process is its relevance to the landing pages they refer to. Being relevant does not mean that you have to be boring in your creatives. Instead, you can play with the origin of your product, benefits of its use, play with verbal associations, etc.

Some prohibited practices that lead to rejection from our moderation team include:

  • copyright infringement
  • security and privacy violation 
  • cloaking
  • amateurish image concepts
  • clumsy PS editing
  • websites under construction
  • fake elements used in webpage design
  • impersonation of legitimate sources
  • celebrity endorsement
  • aggressive clickbait
You should avoid these practices to pass moderation faster in the future. Regular cooperation and a consistent level of deep trust for a period of time will allow us to have fewer doubts regarding your campaigns.


At MGID, we make sure that advertising campaigns do not contain deceptive, false, or misleading content. To pass moderation faster, we do recommend to follow the above-mentioned tips and make your marketing campaign as clear as it can be. Do not hesitate to ask the MGID compliance team if you are unsure about legal permissions or certain creative ingredients of your campaign.