With so much competition to grab users’ attention, it’s imperative for the ad creatives to stand out and touch on particular appeals that are relevant today. Don’t waste your advertising budgets on outdated creative approaches and find the well-performing angles right away, with our tips.

In this article, we’ll show you some of the emerging trends in ad creatives that you can use in 2021 and boost your campaign performance.

Healthy living and cluster photos

Healthy living is the king, and so are the ads depicting natural ingredients. Particularly, mounds perform well, no matter if they are nuts, beans, seeds, etc. They cause a strong desire to clear all this mess and the readers subconsciously tend to click on such photos.

Photos of different mounds and textures in hands are also worth trying. That’s an instinct of grabbing anything we are offered. We see a stretched hand full of something, and we take it.

Miniaturized objects

Images with a focus on a single weird-looking object cause a ‘what the heck is that?!’ reaction. The reader sees common objects but still has doubts if that’s what it is. They can’t help but click.

Human beauty and body positivity

Showing natural beauty and femininity is another huge trend that makes so many people happier these days. That’s just what we can see on top-performing ads: natural hair color, slight makeup, hypnotizing eyes, and no plastic beauty.

The same applies to showing male power. Here, we recommend going with stronger, more mature masculinity and photos of men that look reliable.

Pandemic rush

Covid-19 took the world by storm and we can hardly brag we allayed it yet. The readers want to know if there’s a light at the end of the tunnel, so they don’t leave such ads without attention.

What happens if..?

We are still unaware of the effects many regular things have on our bodies and lives. This is why readers never get tired of this creative concept, especially spiced up by some odd-looking objects on images.

Some of these ad creatives may even work like acts of vandalism. Users always go for bigger thrills, so it can be worthwhile to show slightly repulsive things or evoke disgust.


The world was mostly locked in 2020, so the only way to travel was our online sessions. You don’t need a ticket to admire Italy – just click here.


Who doesn’t have that friend that texts a lot of selfies from different locations? When seeing such photos, readers feel there’s something private shared with them.

Bottom line

The abovementioned ideas might help you nail the campaign creatives and influence the audience to click on the ads. As always, it proves to be effective to strike an emotional chord in the viewer: be it positive, hopeful emotions, admiration, laughter, or disgust, fear, etc. If you are looking for more proven ways to make your ad creatives work for you, feel free to consult with our creative team.