Classes are about to start and poor parents are hectically doing their last-minute shopping: school uniforms, stationary, books. Luckily, the life-saving Internet simplifies this process greatly. All a parent needs to do is to type their school-related request into a search line and order an item online.

This is where native ads join the game. They react to websites visitors’ demand lightning fast and display goods and content relevant to schoolkids and their parents. If a mother or a father (or simply put – a user) is looking for anything from a back-to-school shopping list and then decides to browse through a content site for a change, they will see MGID’s native ads there. But not just any ads. We will target users with messages based on their content consumption preferences. In this case, they will see the ads of goods for school or school-related content recommendations in the MGID’s widgets.

Consequently, we’ve got a win-win situation for all digital market players:

  • Users get valuable and relevant recommendations from our native ads.
  • Publishers – engaged and retained visitors, aware of their content preferences, who generate revenue by clicking on the ads they are genuinely interested in.
  • Advertisers – good conversion rates from the websites they display their ads on.
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