We are thankful to all Ukrainian heroes who have spent the last week fighting against heavily armed Russian troops. Solidarity and support are now more important than ever.

Seven days have passed since the Russian army savagely invaded Ukraine. This unjustified and unprovoked attack disrupted and threatened the safety of more than 500 MGID’s employees, as well as millions of citizens in Ukraine.

The human costs are constantly escalating: the UN Human Rights Commission recorded 536 civilian casualties in Ukraine. These include 136 civilians killed, of whom 13 were children. 400+ civilians injured, including 26 children.

Kyiv, Kharkiv, Zhytomyr, Mariupol, and dozens of other Ukrainian cities are being bombed at this very moment. Millions of Ukrainians have become hostages in their own country. Half a million more are now refugees.

Do not be mistaken: the impact of this war does not stop at Ukraine's borders. Russia’s brutal act of war shattered our collective security and we must respond.

At MGID, we have been doing whatever we can to resist invasion and support Ukrainian colleagues and their loved ones. Here are the direct actions MGID is taking to make this happen:

  • Evacuating MGID’s team members and their families to safe locations;
  • Supporting the Armed Forces and life-saving volunteer work;
  • Fighting fake news and Russian propaganda, helping Ukrainians wage information war against Russia

We remain committed, as always, to providing excellent service to our customers and partners. Our business operations have remained stable, in spite of unprecedented times. Prioritizing the safety of our people in these startling first days has been an essential part of this. From all of us at MGID, thank you for your confidence and continued business.

Here is how you can help Ukraine fight back against Russia:

Information vigilance

Preserve information resistance during these times and get all the updates from independent global news media.

Donate the Ukrainian army and charity funds

Come Back Alive Foundation, one of the largest charities in Ukraine, fundraising for Ukraine’s military, to aid soldiers and volunteers with supplies.

Ukraine’s Armed Forces, a special fundraising account to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Spread the truth

Help us spread the truth and show evidence of the crimes of Russia's top leadership.

Glory to Ukraine!