While MGID is a global company, our international headquarters and the majority of our employees are based in Kyiv, so we would like to share an update on our team and business with our followers.

We are outraged that Russia has launched a full-scale invasion on Ukraine. This is an act of war, an attack on the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, and it’s heartbreaking to see peaceful cities are now under strikes.

During this period, we urge all of our partners to continue sharing truthful information on the current situation in Ukraine.

At MGID we are all safe and want to reassure everyone that we are not letting the situation disrupt our business processes. We continue to operate as usual; we’ll be attending major industry events, with Affiliate World Dubai being the nearest one.

We appreciate the overwhelming support we are receiving – this situation only emphasizes how strong our partner relationships are. We continue to prioritize achieving great results for our clients and look forward to sharing news on further business developments with you all soon.