Our regular monthly rating highlights the top-performing niches that brought the most growth in clicks and conversions. Let’s find out what’s been working in the MGID space this month.

High-opportunity verticals and geos

Below are the top 10 niches of October that are worth considering:

This October, campaigns focused on European countries, and especially Germany, Italy, France, and Spain, have been riding a rocket. In Germany, the number of clicks and campaign spends increased by 2% and 22%, respectively. In France, clicks and spends were higher by 3% and 24%. In Spain and Italy, campaign spends increased by 17% and 4% as compared to the previous month. Notably, the largest contributors to this growth were offers in the Personal Finance and Healthy Living categories.

In Asia-Pacific markets, Indonesia and Thailand have outperformed this month, with CTR higher by 12% and 21% on average. In Indonesia, campaigns in the Shopping and Personal Finance categories increased by 63% and 76% in campaign spending. In Thailand, the best-performing niche was Healthy Living, with CTR higher by 32% and 87% growth in spending.

In MENA, the Healthy Living campaigns in Saudi Arabia have received the highest engagement. Their average CTR was higher by 10% compared to September, while clicks and spending increased by 54% and 83%.

In LATAM, the fastest-growing countries were Mexico and Brazil. Healthy Living and Medical Health offers were the largest contributors to this activation, with the spending growth of 84% in Mexico and 59% in Brazil.

Creative approaches that work well

In addition to this, we have reviewed the creatives of campaigns that climbed the ranks faster than others this month. Our summary of winning approaches can help you build the right communication with the audience and maximize conversions in the growing markets.

For campaigns in the Healthy Living and Medical Health categories, the best approach would be to clearly show the problems the product can solve and talk about the ease of use and efficiency of the promoted products. In copies, emphasize convenience, organic ingredients, or other advantages of the solution.

As for the visual part, choose the local popular products with some unusual details: minor defects, non-standard angles, etc. For Mexico, the best-performing visuals include strange-looking liquids and beverages. For Italy, it’s better to choose recipes, mixing bowls, squeezing lemons, etc.

You should be careful when choosing images for campaigns in Arabic countries: visuals that include females not wearing hijab can be perceived as frivolous or even blocked by publishers in some countries.

When promoting Shopping offers, clearly show the product and discounts. It has been proven to be an effective method to tell how much users can save with the offer and direct them to the selling landing page that allows instant purchases.

Campaigns under the Personal Finance category receive more clicks and conversions with the storytelling approach, particularly success cases and ‘rags to riches’ stories. For Germany and France, we recommend using moderate technology images, whereas for Italy it can be effective to add unusual and emotionally-charged visuals.

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