Every month, we’re covering the fastest growing vertical+geo combinations to help marketers find higher engagement among their target audience. Now, let’s find out what’s been converting well in the MGID space this November.

High-opportunity verticals and geos

The month’s snapshot of the top-performing niches, with the fastest growth of average click-through rate, clicks, and spends, is shown in the table below.

This November, the whole marketplace dynamic has been favorable for the United States, LATAM, Europe, and APAC. Particularly, most of the campaigns targeted the U.S. really topped out the charts, with the average CTR rates higher by 11%, and the overall number of clicks and spends increased by 10% and 26%. Сampaign spends in Spain and Germany also increased by 17% and 22%, respectively. Finally, Indonesia continues to do well for the fourth time in the row: the number of clicks and campaign spends increased by 7% and 10%.

As for the best-performing verticals, most of the campaigns in the categories Healthy Living, Personal Finance, Medical Health, and Shopping have shown solid performance. Personal Finance offers achieved the most growth in the U.S., Mexico, and Indonesia, with the total number of clicks increased by 76%, 82% and 74%, respectively. For the Shopping category, the best-working geos turned out to be the U.S. and Canada, with the number of clicks higher by 71% and 77% compared to the previous month.

Campaigns in the Healthy Living category have consistently converted well in APAC (Thailand, Indonesia) and Europe (Spain, Germany). For Thailand and Indonesia, their average CTR rates increased by 44% and 40%, while for Spain and Germany the CTR growth amounted to 32% and 42%. Finally, Medical Health offers achieved the most growth in Colombia, with average CTR higher by 36% and the total number of clicks increased by 109%.

Creative approaches that work well

To help you maximize conversions in the growing markets, we also reviewed this month’s campaign performance and compiled a short overview of winning creative approaches.

Creatives and landing pages in the Healthy Living and Medical Health categories convert better when you emphasize natural ingredients, eco-life, and ease of use. For APAC countries (Thailand, Indonesia, and others) we recommend putting plants, roots, fruits, seeds, nuts, etc. on campaign creatives. For Spain, try using photos with hand labor, artisanal techniques, hand-crafted goods on ad creatives, and tell success stories about the use of your product in editorials.

When promoting Personal Finance offers, you can show potential opportunities open even during the pandemic times. Right now, consumers are prone to considering new courses, career change, continuing education on their current career paths. Don’t forget that showing human emotions like surprise, curiosity, anger, jealousy, and others on ad creatives also works consistently well. These days positive emotions are especially scarce, so we do recommend opting for photos that show the precious moments of happiness.

When targeting Indonesian consumers, you can stress the idea of independence; users in this area are more attracted to self-employment opportunities. In Mexico, it brings more clicks and conversions to tell success stories about strong characters that achieved everything on their own terms, or you can also appeal to logic by putting numbers, graphs, etc. on landings. For German users, it’s important to find unusual yet aesthetically pleasing visuals for creatives and play on their affinity for cost-saving solutions to everyday problems.

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