If you are looking for niches that are in the scale phase right now, we’ve got you covered. Follow along with our regular monthly rating and find out the vertical and geo combinations that brought the most growth in clicks and conversions.

High-opportunity verticals and geos

Below are the top performers of this March, with the fastest growth of average click-through rate, clicks, and spends.

European geos, more specifically Germany, Spain, United Kingdom and Italy, should be considered first by marketers as high-converting geos with growing traffic, clicks and campaign spends.

Family and Relationships in Germany had more clicks and CTR compared to the previous month, specifically 48% higher CTR and 45% more clicks. The campaigns under the Personal Investing category which targeted Spanish users achieved a 23% growth in CTR and a 56% increase in clicks.

In the United Kingdom, Medical Health received 17% more clicks than in December. Technology and Computing in Italy had 77% higher CTR and 52% more clicks compared to February. Also, Home and Garden in Romania had 114% higher CTR and 113% more clicks compared to the previous month.

APAC countries, including Malaysia, Indonesia, and Vietnam, have also outperformed this month. In Malaysia, campaigns in the Healthy Living category increased by 51% in campaign spending. For Indonesia and Vietnam, campaigns under Personal Finance and Medical Health categories achieved the most growth, by 61% and 96% more campaign spends compared to February.

Finally, it’s a good time to try Medical Health offers in the United States, as these have increased by 74% and 66% in CTR and clicks respectively. Shopping offers also had a fast rise in Mexico, with 82% more clicks.

Creative approaches that work well

To help you make the most out of native traffic in these niches, we compiled a short overview of winning creative approaches.

Natural ingredients, eco-life, and ease of use of home remedies remain to be the key to consumers’ hearts in Healthy Living and Medical Health niches. In countries like Malaysia, fruits and berries are perceived as not only healthy diet components but also old folk remedies that can prevent and treat diseases.

Contrasting colors work well for most campaigns but do consider some other options, especially if they fit the advertising message. For example, in campaigns promoting home-based businesses, color grading that makes photos look more amateurish can increase CTR.

As always, it proves to be effective to choose one emotion that you can most easily appeal to with your message and bring dynamics to photos. For example, you can ignite peace and calm emotions by showing a family resting at the beach or make users anxious about what happens with their pet when nobody’s home.

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