Going into 2021, we didn’t forget to highlight the top-performing niches on MGID, with the fastest growth of average click-through rate, clicks, and spends. Let’s find out which verticals and geos can bring you the warmest traffic.

High-opportunity verticals and geos

This December’s snapshot of the best performing vertical+geo combinations is shown in the table below:

LATAM countries, and precisely Colombia and Brazil, should be considered among first by marketers as high-converting geos with growing traffic, clicks and campaign spends. In Colombia, the best-performing category was Style and Fashion, with CTR higher by 114% and 167% growth in spending. In Brazil, offers under the Business and Investing category are definitely worth testing; their average CTR increased by 39% together with 48% growth in spending.

Indonesia and Thailand continue to top the chart in the Personal Finance, Medical Health, and Events and Attractions categories. Campaigns under the Events and Attractions category in Thailand had 39% higher CTR and 65% more clicks compared to November. Personal Finance and Medical Health in Indonesia surged by 48% and 45% in clicks, respectively.

In Europe, Medical Health, Healthy Living, Family and Relationships, and Shopping received the highest engagement. Particularly, Shopping offers are well-converting in Germany, with a 68% surge in total clicks. Campaigns under the Healthy Living category in the Russian Federation had 26% higher CTR and 90% more clicks. In Italy, average CTR rates rose by 151% for campaigns in the Family and Relationships category.

Finally, in Canada, the Healthy Living vertical has achieved significant growth; campaigns under this category had 70% higher CTR and 18% more clicks compared to the previous month.

Creative approaches that work well

To help you make the most out of native traffic in these niches, we compiled a short overview of winning creative approaches.

For the Medical Health campaigns in the Czech Republic, it is worth trying questions in headlines and photos of fruits or vegetables taken from unusual angles. Targeting Italy, you can easily tap into the Family and Relationship category with creatives that show stylish individuals, romantic couples or recognizable love symbols.

For campaigns targeting Russia, look for the visuals of recognizable local things, such as commonly used gear, furniture, tableware, etc., and appeal to the cost-saving efficiency and consumers’ propensity to save some money. For Shopping offers in Germany, advertisers should clearly show the product itself and mention discounts if any.

Based on the actual campaign performance, emotional headlines combined with images showing objects that are not easily identifiable at first glance work the best for the Healthy Living campaigns in Canada. We also suggest using strict business photos for the Personal Finance offers in Indonesia and showy, flamboyant images with loud accents to promote the Events and Attractions campaigns in Thailand.

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