Los Angeles, March 3, 2021: MGID, the global pioneer in native advertising, has today announced its exclusive partnership with local journalism publishing network McClatchy, looking to bring content recommendations across all of their assets with the aim of maximizing user engagement, traffic and monetization opportunities.

Partnership with McClatchy implements MGID’s content recommendation across 65+ million monthly readers of local publications such as The Kansas City Star, The Miami Herald and The Charlotte Observer. McClatchy boasts 35 websites in total, which MGID will monetize targeting all GEOs and devices.

MGID allows publishers absolute freedom over their audiences and monetization, presenting a variety of yield-optimization models, ad placements and formats.

Commenting on the partnership, Michael Korsunsky, CEO of MGID NA, said: “McClatchy is known for its high-quality journalism and is constantly striving to keep its readers better informed of the world around them. We are looking forward to supporting this iconic publisher with our content recommendation solutions, providing readers with better user experiences that will help McClatchy grow and maximize value, while maintaining their high standards.”