MGID, the global advertising platform, today announced its strategic partnership with Pixalate, the market-leading ad fraud protection, privacy and compliance analytics platform.

Pixalate’s software will work in tandem with MGID’s proprietary fraud protection solution, adding a layer of third party verification to monitor traffic quality and filter out bots and invalid inventory.

Ad fraud, particularly in programmatic advertising, has long impacted marketing budgets. The proliferation of artificial intelligence raises the likelihood for fraudulent activity due to the ease with which made-for-advertising sites can generate content. MGID’s world-wide network of advertisers will benefit and see a greater return on investment from the increased protection – reduced wasteful spending while ensuring that ads appear in safe, high quality environments, and are viewed by real consumers.

“The integration of Pixalate’s software is indicative of MGID’s ongoing commitment to reducing fraudulent traffic across the online advertising supply chain,” said Oleksii Borysov, VP of Product at MGID.

“We look forward to working with Pixalate to closely monitor our traffic quality, ensuring ad spend is only going to legitimate publishers whose success is vital to the health of the open web.”

“We are excited to announce our partnership with global advertising platform, MGID.” said Brooke Huntley, VP of Product Management MRT Products at Pixalate.

“By incorporating our fraud protection, privacy, and compliance analytics platform, MGID is further strengthening its commitment to reducing fraudulent activity for both their clients and the wider advertising industry.”