MGID native advertising platform has established a collaboration with GeoEdge, a credible and respected partner who is a provider of ad security and verification solutions. From now on, advertisers and publishers will operate in a safer and more transparent digital ad environment.

Digital publishers are responsible for providing an exceptional user experience, and ad safety is one of their top priorities in this matter. Premium audiences, which are highly demanded by advertisers, are acquired through top-notch, seamless experiences — free from security issues and deceptive practices. Historically, MGID has been addressing security challenges by internally developing solutions, along with vendors collaborating with advertisers. However, despite these internal solutions and practices, MGID needed a universal service to address any blind spots their advertiser partners might unknowingly have.

Throughout its over 10-year experience in the global arena, MGID has been upholding brand safety and quality ad content. Witnessing various issues with traffic quality and transparency across the supply chain, they wanted advertisers to be confident about their ads being placed on top publishers’ platforms. Moreover, a number of advertisers are reliant on obsolete security frameworks that are unable to detect illegal activity taking place on their networks.

“Previously, we relied on several different verification tools. One very positive thing now is that we have one partner that is known and trusted in the industry. Our moderation efforts feel easier, faster and more professional. GeoEdge is helping us address challenges at a more advanced level” — Nickolas Rekeda, CMO at MGID, noted.

“As the trailblazer of ad verification for video, native and in-app advertising, GeoEdge offers a unique combination: over 10 years of experience in the industry paired with a full suite of innovative and unique capabilities. Ahead of any other ad verification company, we offer a comprehensive solution for detecting and blocking bad ads on the web, mobile and inside applications” — Tobias Silber, VP of marketing at GeoEdge, said.

GeoEdge provides the entire digital ad ecosystem — publishers, advertisers and users — with efficient tools for cleaning inventory and ensuring a safe user experience. When malware/malicious codes are detected or creative ad policies are breached, GeoEdge Incident Recommendation Engine instantly notifies MGID and presents detailed information on how to handle the attack.

Thanks to GeoEdge the moderation process at MGID has become more transparent, which reflects the effectiveness of the chosen service.  

About MGID

MGID is a global innovative pioneer in native advertising that drives revenue growth for all participants of the ecosystem. Its platform, which targets 850 million unique readers with 185 billion recommendations monthly, helps publishers retain audiences and monetize traffic, and drives performance and awareness for brands by connecting them to unique audiences, at the right time, with the right content. MGID offers clients a 360 solution, from planning and strategy to delivery and reporting, and works across more than 60 different languages.