By popular demand, MGID will extend its GEO kit in bidding features! Additional options have successfully passed all tests and will be available very soon. The exact date will be announced to our clients by email.

The update gives advertisers more options when engaging target markets at the location level and allows you to change individual pricing for separate GEOs within one ad campaign.

Unlike existing interfaces where you assign a bid and have the stats for just 30 countries/regions, your statistics will now be displayed in sections of up to 116 geolocations with the ability to manage bids and assign separate prices to identical locations for each individual ad unit within one campaign.

MGID understands how important it is to have a clear view into targeting settings when dealing with a large number of campaigns. To streamline this experience, we redesigned the dashboard so that all of your options and stats are visible at a glance.

A new, flexible GEO pricing architecture affects the following client interfaces:

1. Adding Campaigns & Location Targeting Setup In this new interface, regions are grouped by common characteristics and are more user-friendly. For example, The USA will have sub-zones.

MGID regions are grouped by common characteristics MGID - The USA will have sub-zones


2. Adding New Ad, CPC Assigning Option

When you uncheck the checkbox "Apply CPC for all geo”, all the available GEOs chosen to target on the campaign level will be displayed.

MGID checkbox

Regions are grouped, and clicking on a group, the drop-down list of regions opens. The price field values by region cannot be empty, you can set the price to the whole group or to each region of this group separately.

MGID price fields values by region

After creating ads and getting some stats, you can decide whether or not to increase the number of regions on campaign targeting.

3. Reports and Statistics The new stats interface will show performance data for your ads in correlation with the locations to measure geographic performance for each ad. MGID new stats interface will show performance data for your ads in correlation with the locations to measure geographic performance for each ad

Updated statistics reports will provide an extended view of GEOs where interaction happens in conjunction with GEO zones, the lists of the child GEO-items will be displayed in the parent group, that means you'll see both the statistics - individual by GEO and summary data by groups, zones, and sub-zones, according to the new GEO tree. This is useful when deciding how to scale your bids and whether to expand your targeting to reach an interested audience or narrow it down.

MGID’s selective bidding, time scheduling, tracking tags, and conversion sensors will help you reach your target audience with excellent precision and meet your highest business goals.

We will continue improvements and welcome your feedback here, on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter!