MGID, a global advertising platform, has announced its expansion into the Polish market in 2022. With its demonstrated global expertise and dedicated local representatives, MGID will enable advertisers in Poland to reach unique audiences at scale with native, video, and display ads.

MGID works with thousands of global publishers, including MSN, Opera, International Business Times, Newsweek, and actively cooperates with local publishers like Biznes Info, Weszło!,, and

In addition, MGID has a strong presence in the U.S., Eastern, and Western Europe, APAC, and LATAM regions. With three offices in Europe — Spain, Romania, and Italy — and its newly added office in Poland, MGID's expanded reach will bring further benefits and all the power of AI-driven privacy-first targeting technology to its partners.

MGID’s AI-based ad solutions help brands and advertising agencies maximize campaign performance with high-quality creative content. With its network of global resources, MGID provides advertisers with the opportunity to craft captivating brand stories, educate and inform audiences and align ads with the cross-channel customer journey.

MGID's ads are also powered with Contextual Intelligence, an innovative solution developed by MGID that helps advertisers to future-proof their campaigns against the new cookieless environment. Contextual Intelligence analyzes the context of an article in order to extract meaning and evaluate its sentiment and context, creating contextual targeting segments in real-time. These segments are then matched to advertiser requirements, ensuring not only brand safety but also ad relevance.

"What drives our success around the world and what allows us to bring more value to our clients is our combination of sophisticated technical solutions and top-performing content formats, in addition to our global expertise and local presence in each market," says Sergii Denysenko, MGID CEO. "We are now happy to bring our global expertise to Poland’s sophisticated and leading digital market. Our AI-based ad solutions will help support advertisers in creating brand-safe, fraud-free digital campaigns, while also complementing the Polish media mixes to deliver and maximize top ad revenue to our partners."

MGID has also partnered with the Polish-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce, expanding its collaboration with local publishers and advertisers.