MGID, the global advertising platform, announces today that it has acquired Yengo, a leading advertising network, in Thailand. Their combined forces will open new monetization and audience development opportunities to Thai publishers, as well as empower advertisers with industry-leading privacy-first contextual targeting technology to deliver relevant ads in the most brand-safe environments.

Chasing the organic growth of digital media consumption in the APAC region and the gradual rise of expenditure directed at digital advertising mediums, MGID entered the Thai market in 2019. Since then, MGID has worked with leading brands, such as Kia, True and DTAC, and has built a strong network of premium publisher partners, including,, and

Yengо is an advertising network that has built a strong presence in Thailand. Combining Yengo's technology, data and expertise with MGID's scale and global footprint will create meaningful opportunities for Thai marketers. The acquisition will be followed by a smooth transition of Yengo's advertising and publishing partners to MGID.

By joining forces with Yengo, MGID will grow its reach in the region to over 50% of Thailand’s digital audience, in addition to providing its advertising and publishing clients with privacy-first, AI-based contextual targeting technology, brand safety controls and world-class customer support.

MGID’s CEO, Sergii Denysenko, commented: “We are constantly searching for ad tech companies that can complement our product offering in local markets. Our purchase of Yengo was an easy decision to make since their market knowledge and presence are hugely impressive. We look forward to enhancing MGID’s current standing in Thailand through our expert team, market knowledge and differentiated product offering to deliver unrivaled service for our publisher and advertiser partners.”