Entrepreneur and Digital Marketer Jitendra Vaswani sat down with MGID CEO Sergey Denisenko at Bangkok AWA 2017. Vaswani dug deep at Denisenko's twenty-plus years of digital marketing experience and explored what it takes to be successful in today's market, how to reach high ROIs, and ultimately what MGID has in store for 2018, particularly with the Asian market.

Denisenko shares how MGID is very much a performance driven platform and is interested in the less saturated non-English speaking markets, especially the very lucrative market in India. "What we like about the Indian market, and what we're trying to comply with, is there are a lot of dialects and languages ... we currently have nine languages that are actively used. A lot of publishers are local and run businesses locally. In order to be more effective, you have to have ads in those languages," explains Denisenko.

Will MGID be expanding to Delhi, India? To find out and learn more, check out the full interview here.