Testing creatives has always been an arduous and painstaking task, demanding significant time and effort. Every new creative iteration requires you start from scratch to determine which aspects resonate with your audience and which do not. This exhaustive process often results in wasted time, translating directly into lost profits.

But what if you could transform this laborious process into a swift, efficient one? Introducing our image-to-image AI generation feature by MGID — a tool designed to dramatically accelerate the creation and testing of your creatives. With this technology, you can generate a multitude of high-quality creatives in just a few clicks, a task that previously took days to accomplish. No more waiting for the Creative Department to make similar creative options — you can do it yourself in literally 7 minutes.

Imagine effortlessly tweaking backgrounds, adjusting colors, modifying objects and even changing the subjects within your creatives, all within minutes. This tool doesn't just save you time; it opens up a world of creative possibilities, allowing you to optimize your ads with precision and speed.

Curious about how this is possible? Let’s dive in and see it in action!

Create Multiple Creative Options in 7 Minutes: Practical Examples

Source Image

This is the source image. It has been AI generated with the prompt: Thai woman in national outfit with herbs and spices.

Example 1: Adapting for Different Cultures

Suppose the original woman doesn’t align with the demographic of your new target audience and geo. With the image-to-image tool and a simple prompt of two words, "Italian woman," we received three options of the same image concept but with a European perspective. Total time for the adaptation: 75 seconds.

Example 2: Testing Various Age Groups and Genders

In the event you want to test various age groups, the same image can be adapted with a short prompt. For instance, by adding "mature woman," you can generate variations that appeal to different age demographics.

This also works with gender. By writing "happy man" instead of "woman," you can instantly transform the subject to test how a male figure resonates with your audience. Total time for image generation: 69 seconds.

Example 3: Enhancing the Background

Do you find the background boring or uninspired? Let's add something that spices it up without ruining the overall theme. Using the prompt "sea and ships in the background," we can quickly enhance the scene. After 80 seconds, we receive:

Example 4: Extending the Emotional Tone

Let's play with the tone of the image. By typing a prompt with a single word that represents any emotion you want to see in the photo, like "shocked," "surprised" or "sad," you can instantly adjust the subject’s expression to convey the desired mood. Total time spent: 60 seconds.

Example 6: Adding Objects for Character Interaction

Want to add more context to the scene? With the prompt "olive oil bottle in hand"...

… or "wooden stick in hand”, you can instantly see how different objects enhance the composition. Total time spent: 59 seconds.

Example 7: Adding Objects to the Photo

Expand the narrative by incorporating various objects into the scene:

  • "Woman with cat"

  • "Woman with monkeys"

  • "Woman wearing jewels"

  • "Woman with autumn leaves"

Conclusion: Revolutionize Your Creative Testing Process

In a few clicks, the MGID image-to-image AI generation feature can completely transform the way you test creatives. By harnessing the power of AI, you not only save valuable time and resources but also gain unparalleled insights into what resonates with your audience. With MGID's image-to-image AI generation feature, you can refine your creatives with precision and efficiency, ensuring that every iteration is optimized to captivate and engage your target audience.

Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to data-driven creativity. Revolutionize your creative testing process today with our image-to-image feature and unlock a world of possibilities in just 7 minutes. Head over to the MGID Ads dashboard and try this tool now!