2020 was a challenging year, with some of its impediments being the depreciation of third-party cookies, decline of ad dollars during the pandemic, and new anti-tracking features for iOS 14. What comes next will not be a return to how business was done before, but instead a revision on how market players craft and publish advertisements.

Today, publishers and marketers have to learn to replan their budgets on a dime and make impactful advertisements with ridiculously limited resources. Knowledge of the latest developments and the ability to make informed decisions on the fly are keys to success, which is why the upcoming DMEXCO 2020 conference will be one of the biggest opportunities for networking, exchange, and collaboration with key players in digital business, marketing, and innovation.

For obvious public health reasons, the event will be held digitally this year. With the custom event solution, everyone can participate in DMEXCO from home; organizers made sure that exhibitors would be able to share ideas, solutions, and knowledge through a live conference, interactive masterclasses, virtual spaces, or on the brand showcases.

We will attend DMEXCO for the fourth time in a row and look forward to this opportunity to share our latest expertise in digital advertising. In this blog post, you will find the MGID program at DMEXCO and also some rewards for our dear friends and partners.

MGID keynote at DMEXCO: performance-based marketing in the ‘new normal’

During the workshop, Ivan Doruda, VP of Sales at MGID, will discuss how to stimulate growth of both brand awareness and sales using cost-effective ad channels. At times like these, marketers have no other choice but to focus on making optimal use of their budgets and adapting their advertising strategies to the ‘new normal’. It often means prioritizing performance-based marketing efforts over brand awareness campaigns. But do they actually need to choose one over another?

Key takeaways:

  • Brandformance – a fresh perspective on the ‘brand vs performance’ tension
  • Why native is the go-to format to achieve both branding and performance-oriented objectives
  • How MGID helps clients adapt their digital marketing strategies to the ’new normal

Get free exclusive access to MGID content at DMEXCO

Last but not least, MGID friends and partners can attend our workshop for free, using the special promo code – 4PRM9C. With this code, you can access the MGID interactive master class and deep dive into unlimited networking with our team via chat or audio/video.

To do that, follow the link and “buy” a free guest account in the DMEXCO ticket shop. As soon as DMEXCO @home opens, you will automatically receive an email giving you access to the MGID showroom and content as well as the opportunity to network with our team.

Attending the event, you can also catch up with our experts and discuss the matters of your concern at the MGID virtual booth. Register by this link to claim a dedicated time block on our team’s calendar.

See you at #DMEXCO20!